2012 Supernova's aluminum question

It said the 2012 Supernova was made of 6065 aluminum, and the USA made version was made of 7075 aluminum. what are the differences between 6065 and 7075 aluminum ?

I think that 7075 is a hgiher better grade. This means it is more durable to scratches, dings, etc.

It also makes a cooler noise when spinning.

Since when are the new supernovas made of a different metal?

Please reference your source.

I believe the new Supernova is 6061 aluminum, not 6065. Anyways, 7075 aluminum is higher quality than 6061. It’s less prone to flexing when dropped, I believe. 6061 is cheaper, which is also why the price of the 2012 Supernova dropped.

Look down at the spec details…

Sourcing the machine work to China might have helped drop the price as well.

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Supernova lite was 6061, regular was 7075. The new one is in the middle weight wise and 6061. 7075 is something we have made yoyos out of since 2008 and it is unique in some aspects but largely irrelevant to many players, some of who actually prefer 6061. The reason we went 6061 on the current model was a lack of need in this design for the increased strength. The design is solid. Cost wise 7075 is more expensive and more difficult to finish (coat) which ironically makes 7075 more likely to scratch, but less likely to dent. Genesis is 6061 (and always has been).

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I have been told the new Supernova is absolutely incredible, which says alot because the 2011 Supernova was incredible. I have 4 of them.

I didn’t know that. Thanks for the information.

Ill elaborate a little on that comment…

Unless a special process has been done (which we got pretty good at achieving) the anodize doesn’t ‘penetrate’ into 7075 as well as 6061 meaning it kinda sits on the surface more. Considering it is harder and machines to a higher finish it is easy to imagine this happening. So the anodize sits more on top of the part than bonding into it. This means when the part contacts a hard object, say another yoyo in 3A or if you are using an officially licensed FREEHAND™ yoyo, the counterweight, hits the yoyo or you hit a table or your belt it makes it more likely for a visual blemish to be seen as the color is removed from the impact site.

According to another reliable online webstore the new SuperStar is also made of 6061 instead of 7075 aluminium.

It is stated in our 2012 catalog if you are searching for other sources.

I don’t have a supernova, however the decapod is made of 7075 and I can definitely feel a difference in weight compared to something else of the same size and shape. It also seems more durable, it’s raw but doesn’t show scratches much, and really seems to hold its shine.

I wasn’t sure I’d notice a difference, but I definitely do.

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licensed freehand throw. you crack me up ben

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www.matweb.com works if you want to see the numerical differences between the alloys (or any material).

Wouldn’t want people to think you could do it on anything but a licensed product ;D

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I have had this discussion on another thread… in a galaxy far away…
I definitely notice a difference between the two alloys. Although the Supernova is not exactly the perfect yoyo for highlighting the differences.

Take a yoyo like the Turning Point Positron, or the YoyoJoker DoubleJoker, those are central core , heavy rim-weighted yoyos that deliver stability as well as increased speed and acceleration. Put simply, these yoyos are like porsche’s on the string. Do a simple boingy-boing with a 6061 and then a 7075. You will find the ability to accelerate the heavier 70705 makes the speed that can be attained - much higher. These do not “float”; they rocket.

Most yoyos from Japan are 7075 - they take pride in their aluminum alloys; since they invented most of them. Lets look at the players from Japan. How do they play? FAST. Why? Because their yoyos CAN play faster than their 6061 counterparts.

Why are yoyos in N. America mostly 6061? I think for historic reasons, 6061 has been favored by American machinists who have generally worked with it and are comfortable with it. Furthermore, do not underestimate the Anodizing factor. Many yoyo companies have made their reputation based, at least partly, on the amazing anodized color schemes. This is something that cannot be done with 7000 series AL.

Take a look at the latest MVP, DNA and eyyc supernovas. All 7075, elaborate anodized, and especially in the MVP case heavily rim weighted.

yeah, but their not Japanese and overpriced so. yeah. you’re doing it way wrong buddy.