A lil sOMEThING something. [Anglam question as well]


Just wanted to get a little feedback on what you guys think about the company in terms of brand, product and business as a whole (:

ALSO, if any of you know if there’s going to be another run of Anglams in the future?

Cheers (:



The V is literally one of my favorite throw. I love it more than all of my plastics and some of my metals. Only a few throws like the Chief and Avalanche beat it on how much I love it. It’s awesome.

Other than that, not much else I can say.

Btw, the V is awesome. Buy one.


I thought this might answer your question as to whether or not I like sOMEThING YoYo’s.
I personally think that the Anglam is the YoYo that I compare most other high end YoYo’s against.
The balance, simplicity & overall feel it has in your hands is really unique.
For people with slightly smaller hands, or those who just like undersized throws, the Angle is pretty much based on the Anglam, and is a joy to throw. They are just some of the finest YoYo’s on the market.

I’m sure you will be seeing another run fairly soon, and some new colorways as well.

It’s pretty much all I throw for days on end. Mickey really knows how to design a YoYo, as well as throwing them !! You can’t go wrong buying any of their YoYo’s in my opinion.


Love this company and will be getting more.

The V is my favorite delrin.

The Firmy is an ideally priced carry yoyo. Fun, fast, solid, stable, smooth and foolishly low priced.

Anglam hands down quickly became my favorite yoyo. It’s #1 and I don’t think anything will unseat it from that position for me. Simple lines, awesome looks, amazing performance. Wow. Too bad my skills aren’t up to what is possible with this item.

Jet Set: Easily the best 4A I have ever played. I can’t do certain this on it yet, but I’ve had a REAL 4A player tell me why I’m having the problems I’m having. It’s ME, not the yoyo, and I knew that was the case. I have two.

Jet Set EC: Stripping some features, keeping the performance, lowering the price, maintaining the awesome. Killer 4A at half the price of the Jet Set.


Are those all yours??


I didn’t realise that “The V” was Delrin, I was wondering why it was so comparatively expensive for a plastic. Makes sense now…

(Bína) #7

Since we are discussing Something, I will ask. Does somebody know what material is used on ring in Anglam CC? I think it isnt titanium or steel, but is made atleast from 7075(like berserkers)?


Man, I will be looking on the BST for one of these Anglams.


I’m very interested in more opinions in the v… I couldn’t find any reviews on it.

I’m surprised this company doesn’t get much press in America. Hiroyuki is one of the best players ever - seems like he’d get more attention.


Yeh, unfortunately a lot of foreign yoyo companies don’t tend to get as much air time. Makes me want to buy them all just to review them… but that would be expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:


Would love to hear an unbiased opinion from someone who has been proven too have skill. But how to prove they are unbiased?

SY-001 Stealth Ogre
SY-001 Stealth Ogre

Yes Sir…

I still have not tried the Superfly as of yet, but I hope to soon.


I just did some quick math in my head, your Anglam collection boggles my mind lol. Its very high on my radar though. I’ve heard so many good things about it that I REALLY want to try one. $289 is pushing my range of comfortableness however with never playing one before.


With the weak Yen you’d be crazy to pay that much for an Anglam when you can find them for $230-$250 if you shop around. That said i owned one and sold it and never regretted it. It was just a bit too heavy for me. For sure it’s an amazing competition throw, and performs stunningly, super smooth, etc. but it seemed a bit dull to me. I’ll always choose a bit of liveliness in a throw at the expense of that extra 5% in performance. I’d be curious to play the CC though as i feel like the slight bump in size might be the sweet spot.

I do have to wonder why titanium though. I mean the point of bimetal throws is to get weight to the outside, right? So why choose such a light metal? Never quite understood that approach. The 6061 w/ 7075 rings always made much more sense to me.

For me i’d rather have 3-4 YYRs for the price of one Anglam these days with the box deals they keep running.

Also my Anglam came with a scratch on it from the factory which was upsetting on something that cost nearly $300 at the time…


Titanium is not light. Its density is 4.43 g/cm^2. Even a relatively “heavy” 7075 Aluminum, in contrast, is 2.81 g/cm^2. So, putting Ti rings on the outside does indeed put the weight on the …outside.

FYI; Stainless steel comes in at ~8.0 g/cm^2.

Didn’t we already have this thread?


Ya learn something new every day. Thanks!


I will be looking for a Purple V when one shows up. Great plastic. I guess it is lighter but I don’t mind at all. It’s perfect for me.


It’s not that Ti is light. It’s actually much heavier and stronger. The purpose of using Ti is to make very thin walls to distribute weight in ways you cannot with aluminum. Aka, having very thin walls with lots of rim weight, or whatever you wanna do. You don’t just make a yoyo out of Ti like you would an Aluminum yoyo. The walls are much different. If you replicated a Titanium yoyo with aluminum it would warp very easily. Any other reasons to have Ti would be… make the yoyo virtually indestructible or to make sparks. The former being the most important; distributing weight in ways you cannot with aluminum by allowing you to create thin walls.

Also while we’re at it, this needs to be said… (going off on tangent)

7075 in general doesn’t make that much of a difference in comparison to 6061. 7075 is technically “heavier”, but in a nut shell it’s SIMPLY A STRONGER ALLOY that happens to weigh in slightly more, BARELY MORE. The difference is literally in the trace composition of zinc, magnesium and copper that is used to strength aluminum alloys.

I am going to go out there on a limb, but I am going to have to say, the difference between 7075 is so minute that it would show true ignorance (and a lack of skill) to boast about how much better 7075 is than 6061. If you “feel” that much of a difference, you must either be machine or it’s all in your head. 7075 is more durable than 6061. That is the MAIN ATTRACTION to 7075; but it’s just another cheap alloy that weighs (ever so slightly) more than 6061; and it’s stronger. It’s Stronger. That’s what 7075 is all about. Not the weight. The weight difference is not even worth mentioning, infact, they want it light weight (like 6061, cough like aluminum cough cuz it is aluminum)

As for comparing aluminum (6061 or 7075) to Ti, that’s completely different and I cannot speak on it other than Ti being quite obviously stronger and heavier. Other than that they both produce two different beasts. Theoretically Ti can produce a better yoyo.

Aluminum: .097 lb/ci
Titanium: .163 lb/ci

6061 0.098 lb/ci
7075 0.101 lb/ci


As you can see Ti is incredibly stronger.

P.P.S another HUGE reason 7075 products are more expensive than 6061 is the cost to machine. It is MUCH MORE taxing on the machine to cut 7075 than 6061.

edited to get rid of stuff about the Ti rings which I thought were 7075 based on other replies


Some pretty interesting reads here on the topic.

I have to say that I’m rather surprised no one has said anything about how the brand is overpriced, and like the Apple of yoyos. But oh well, I guess it’s still quality stuff :smiley: Personally, I think it’s a pretty good line of yoyos :smiley:

Keep em coming guys! Love the discussion on the materials xD


I think the comparison to Apple is misplaced. Apple stuff is geared towards popularity and ease of use. sOMEThING, while definitely on the pricey side, is much more boutique and scarce in terms of sales, even in comparison to other yoyo brands.