All 7075 aluminium yoyos that you know

tp positron, yyf supernova 2011, yyf genesis 2011, yyr sleipnir… I want to buy a new yoyo with 7075 aluminium.That’s why I want to know what yoyos have 7075 aluminium :)!

The Werrd Hour is 7075, and retailed at Worlds for 75 dollars. Should be at soon!

Note: stores set their own price, so we can’t guarantee what it will retail for online.

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One Drop has the GZR Line that has been 7075. They did the CODE1, CODE2 and 54.

If you get the special edition 2012 Supernova, it is built with 7075.

yoyofactory skyline its built with 7075 and is really smooth

in stock now:
DNA, Mutant DNA, MVP, Primo and all the supernova in the EYYC pack

Coming soon:
MVP 2 7075
7075 Catalyst
7075 Super G

Umm that one with the bearing and response pads.


wow!! -.-

woah :o 7075 super g!! Awesome!!!

7075 Catalyst? Sounds amazing…

All of the first run sentinels are 7075.

arent most higher end throws 7075???

No, mainly a thing of Japanese yoyos.

Too much awesomeness…

the new mvp is 7075 and it is beautiful imo

i dont get why people freak over what type of metal it is, guess its just preferance, i think they all play the same

6061 aluminium yoyos ding easily -.-. all my 6061 aluminium yoyos have dings. But my 7075 aluminium supernova don’t have any ding :)!

so…who cares? all yoyos will get dings, its just yoyoing

are these all 7075 yoyos from yoyofactory??

Yes, we have continually produced 7075 yoyos since 2008. Other models included 888 (2008,09) skyline, severe plus those mentioned.