What is your favorite 7075 throw?

What is your favorite yo-yo made from 7075 aluminum?

One Drop Valor is my fav

YYR Overdrive hands down

Draupnir. I have a Laser on the way, though, so I guess we’ll have to see.

A tie:




My only one is the Format C, it’s a beast!!!

Irony JP series and 86400

Agree on the irony jp

had no idea the 86400 was 7075

Shu-Ta probably. Although I don’t really memorize what kinds of metals most throws are made of, I just know the Shu-ta is 7075 because thats like the whole thing about it being better than the shutter and all, I’m sure theres another throw made out of 7075 that I don’t knows made of 7075 that I’d like better, although the Shu-Ta is a great throw.


Valor by far.


There are several for me, but today’s favorite is the Krown. :slight_smile:


So much love for the Valor and Krown. Don’t make me pick one.

My favorites are YYR Mr. Butcher, Valor, and the FRUITURE!!

  1. yyr third impact
  2. yya 1937 v1
  3. brokenyoyos sumo
  1. Yoyofactory ‘Doomsday’ Genesis
  2. Onedrop Valor
  3. Yoyorecreation Sleipnir

I love 7075. The shiny-ness, the ringy-ness… just such a great material. The Valor really suprised me with just how good it looks. I never want to be someone who’s all “the pictures don’t do it justice”, but I really love the mixture of the Pyramatte finish on the 7075. Beautiful.

The 7075 2sick gambit plays amazing! The feel, spin, and play is just incredible! If you haven’t tried one, definitely try to.