7075 vs 6061


Generally speaking, which do you prefer on the same yoyo? I guess 6061 aluminum both feels and is softer, though I have never compared two same designs with different materials.

(G2 Jake) #2

We just recently used some 7075. I think I prefer the 7075. But it might just be specifically on the albatross.

I’m not sure if I prefer it overall.


Whichever suits the particular model better. Some work better in 6061, some work better in 7075.



doesn’t matter to me, both are strong enough to take the abuse.


In the same way as titanium is stronger and gives more possibilities than 7075-alu does, 7075 is somewhat stronger than 6061 and gives more possibilities design-wise.
And as long as you dont throw over metal/stone/concrete, you wont be able to ding it.


It will come as no surprise to most that I prefer 7075. To me, it is like steroids for yo-yos. The increased density adds momentum to the spin that means it dies on the string far less. I also find that the increased weight adds to speed and agility.

Just like steroids in humans, however, 7075 will not make a race-horse out of a Donkey. Without a great design to start with, the alloy moot.

I also agree with the statement that some designs are better suited to 6061. The CLYW Avalanche comes to mind (the old one, I do not have the new one) . That yoyo has a powerful spin and solid weight that would probably not be enhanced by the feel of 7075.