2011 SuperNova VS 2012 SuperNova

Id like to know how these 2 stack up
With eachother.
Does the metal Change and the Slight shape change make that big a difference?

Also which do you prefer?

And how do they stack up in
And 3A?



Not to offend Ben or anyone else in/in love with yyf, but the 2012 versions of yoyos are kinda badly anodized. When I hit a clump of dirt ( it was only dirt, I checked by squishing it and it was damp, not hard or chunky) and I got a ding on it. You read me right , a ding. The 2011 versions are way better in anodization and metal quality but 2012s play a lot better.

Really? My2012 genesi I used for 3A haven’t even scratched yet…

So 2012 plays better, and 2011 has Better quality you say?

Well we are talking about Supernovas here. 2011 supernova was made of 7075 aluminium and the 2012 was made of 6061. That means the 2012 version supernova is just a supernova lite since that was the only diffrence between the supernova and supernova lite.

The genesis has a small design tweak in the 2011 to 2012 model. The bearing seat is not as tight and the hub is diffrent if you look inside the cup. It does play a bit better than the older version as well but the genesis’ metal is the same but the anno is diffrent. Older 2011s you could grind on but the 2012 (at least the one I tried) you could not grind on because it had a glossy finish.

Back to the supernovas, the 2011 supernova made of 7075 aluminium definitly plays better. It is definitly way more durable and longer spinning. I have seen plenty of people use it for 5A and Tyle Severance uses it for 5A so that says a lot right there.

The shape change you were reffering to OP is probably because of the change of metals, since 6061 aluminium has a lower strength to weight ratio you need more metal in places to make up for structural stability. In short, 6061 is not as strong and you need more metal for the same structural intergity as 7075

There is a huge diffrence in play yes, I have had 2 supernova lites and 6 supernovas. The 2012 will probably move just a bit faster since it is basically a supernova lite as said before so spin time and stability will suffer and you will gain speed. Not to say the supernova is slow, that thing rips, it is really fast if you want it to be but the supernova 2012 will be just a bit faster.

Supernova or 2012 supernova will do fine for 1, 3, or 5A. Supernovas have been used a lot in 1 and 5A but I am sure since it is amazingly stable that 3A is no problem for it and the 2011 supernova is more durable so it is a good match for 3A.

2011 Supernova all the way no questions asked. Still they are both great yoyos but I prefer the 2011, supernova lite or supernova 2012 is still a great yoyo as well. Try and get a 2011 though if you can. Hope that answered all your questions.

I have a Lite.
Look at the specs a lite is 63 while the 2012 is 67.5

That’s a HUGE difference and I somewhat doubt that they would play the same due to 4.5 extra grams on the 2012 compared to the lite!



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Just saying, the 2012 Supernova made in the USA is made of 7075 aluminium. It’ll cost ya $15.00 more. The first Supernova I bought was a mirror polished un-lazered proto. I fell in love with it but ended putting it on display(just too pretty to ding, rug playing only). Bottom line is, I got another Supernova made in the USA in the mail today! Happy now, time for the counter weight. On a side note, Fedex picked up my order from YYE @ 4:40pm yesterday and was delivery to my house @ 12:20pm today (I live in Victoria, BC)! Good work Fedex under 20 hours.