New Supernova


Looks cool.


I believe there is a thread about this already.

Either way, yeah. It’s looking nice. The red one with the silver splash looks amazing to me.

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Looks awesome. It does remind me a lot of the original Severe, which I love. Can’t wait to try it out, and I also can’t wait to see the new Genesis I’ve heard they are working on. :wink:


I was lucky enough to try one, and it plays very nice. Tyler has been using it for 5a, maybe he will use it at worlds.


This is actually bad news for me…LOL. I want the 2012 model…in both the Supernova and Genesis. I might have to grab them now, before they stop being made. I was going to ask for them for the holidays…


Is it better than the supernovas they have now?

Also, is it 7075 or 6061 aluminum?


It should be good news for you then since this should drop the old models pricing.


This seals the deal. If it resembles the Severe more, then I’m all for it.


^^^ yup

But the genesis might be better…


Somebody want to post the pictures here for us that aren’t cool enough for social networking?


Here you go.

Quote from Yoyofactory

Tyler Severance has a catalog of signature yoyos dating back to 2008. He is now on his 7th YoYoFactory model with the release of the NEW Supernova. Each yo-yo offers indications of the evolutionary direction of Tylers play. Some of the design elements remain not fully explored offering room for improvement and refinement. The NEW Supernova captures the essence of these models again to bring a new playing experience to the line. Weighting has been a little more consolidated and brought out a touch to provide more stability reflecting a shift in Tylers play to longer combos and more horizontal play. The rim shape looks more like the 2010 Severes’ than the later supernovas and the drop off from the bearing is the most prominent it has been since the 2009 editions with no wall really needed for control thanks to the weight distribution. Standard configuration has it coming with a SPEC X, while not Tylers choice for competition it is what he suggests for every day play. Rather than release colors, Tyler will be releasing Supernova in a series of themed editions, the first two will be available August 9 at select retailers with a full release scheduled later this August

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Are the specs any different?
It looks either a tad bit larger, or thinner.
But maybe thats due to the stronger H Shape.

Either way. I Hate YYF right now.
Stealing my money.


Ooh, I like the engravings on the new one. Nice and simple.


why does it only say nova on that side? Does it say super on ge other!?!?!


No they’re just calling it the supernova and only putting half the name on.

Although in all seriousness yes it will.

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For some reason, this does not only remind me of the original Severe, but it faintly reminds me of the SPYY Solaris as well. haha


I actually think it may say “rnova” on that picture. If you look closely, on the left side of the cup, it looks like an “r” hidden in the white ano. I may just be seeing things though, because that’s a very odd way to split up the word Supernova. “Supe” on one side and “rnova” is very odd…


Then you can tell people that you’re throwing your soup :o


Lol, I saw the R also. Yyf is weird lol


Idk about you but im getting it when it comes out im a huge yyf fanboy ( i know ill get a lot of hype for this ) and tyler is my favorite pro so i really want it hes such a cool guy too it looks great and the 2012 edition was great