new supernova pics


new supernova




I like that deep red… I’d probably end up stripping it though, so I guess I’d take any of them.


That red and silver splash… Wow.



I would buy it because of the packaging. Not really a fan of the Supernova, but man, that box. Same box as the Ricochet, but I assume this will be cheaper. Hopefully all high end new YYF stuff uses this box, it looks cool. To anyone who’s ordered the new Superstar, did it come in this package?

Its gonna be the same price


Splash one looks sick

(UmeNagisa) #8

i’m pretty sure its not gonna be $200.
I Think he meant, cheaper than the ricochet.


Selling price will be $79.99

Yea sorry i worded it wrong i meant same price as the 2012 edition i asked them

(UmeNagisa) #11

Thats a dandy fine pricetag…
I Do hope i can pick one up asap!


Looks like the price of YYF’s new releases are going down a bit. I’m interested to see the cost of the New Genesis…

(UmeNagisa) #13

Depending what they changed on the genesis, I may Hunt down 2 of em for 3a.
I do hope the weight has been reduced.
I did not like the original genesis. or the 2012 one.
Clunky on the string. But in anycase, Third times the charm!


I heard that if you can get your hands on the luis Enrique villaseñior edition it will come in 3 different weights or at least he is choosing from the weights and they are releasing a small run of them


Yoyofactory just announced that the first 2 supernova releases will be special edition


Is it just me? because I don’t see much difference between the 2012 and the new one. guess I’ll have to see the real spec once they post it. I just cant see it at first hand.

(UmeNagisa) #17

The just made it a slightly more aggressive H.
And The cup is a tad more rim weighted.
Hard to see at first. but you have to really look.

It’s tweeked. Not given a makeover :slight_smile:
Otherwise, It’s not a Supernova anymore.


^ The new one looks a bit thinner, but that may just be me.

Translation: YYF has just anounced the first 2 Supernova releases will be more expensive! :smiley:


Yeah, I guess when you see it from the side by side you can see the rim ring is larger and further out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Supernova, I have 2 - 2012’s it’s just at first glance I could not see the change.

This will for sure be on my buy list.


Haha so true im gonna get it anyway i love all they tyler severance throws! They said they are taking elements from his previous throws