Anyone Buying The Supernova With the new deal?


I’ve ordered the Supernova because of the amazing election deal. What color are you guys getting? Im getting black with gold splash. Id love to here your guys reviews on it and stuff! Thanks!



I am!!!


I’m probably getting the blue and yellow splash one!


I’m thinking pretty seriously about it, better act fast, the offer is only good for 7 days I believe.
I’m looking at the Black & Silver Acid Wash if I pull the trigger.

(SR) #5

I’ll probably most likely get one.

(YoYoStringLab) #6

Couldn’t resist the blue with silver.


First thing that came to my mind was Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. I just got out of my history midterm and it was killing me.
Anyway, I’m not gonna buy a Supernova 'cause $65 is still pricy for me. Still wanted to win that poster contest YYF held during the election so I can get a free Supernova but DrYoyo took the crown. Oh well! :smiley:


Hopefully I can get one but if I do I need to raise about 30 bucks in 6 days or I hope my parents will spot me the thirty bucks I’m also want the red with black acid wash or the grey with gold splash


I got one!!! I got the blue w/ orange splash!!!


I’m hoping I can. The orange with red splash and black with silver acid wash look really nice to me.


Grey with Gold splash baby!


I picked up a silver with red splash and a northstar because you can never have enough northstars amirite?


Im waiting for the mystery boxes instead


Smart man I cant wait for that either, will be my first year doing it! I don’t think ill get a supernova since the one I like is 94$. But who knows I might get weak and do it lol


what are the mystery boxes?


Its a mystery.


I’ve played both the SuperNova and Genesis. While not bad, I’m glad I don’t have either in the collection. They key here is preferences. These just didn’t match my preferences enough. This is why I always recommend “try before you buy” whenever you can.

I’m gonna skip this offering. I got my eyes on bigger stuff, or maybe it’s smaller. It has a higher price tag!

And it’s in a box.

These are things YYE sells, packed by YYF. They don’t know what’s in the box, but the contents inside are guaranteed to exceed the price you paid for it.


i just want to tell you thank you for being a big help for the yoyo community (: keep it up


On Black Friday they have a mystery box for 40 dollars that comes with usually like 3 throws and other gifts but its way over the price of 40 dollars. And I gave in and ordered a supernova black and silver, couldn’t help it


I want a mystery box now :frowning: But I got myself a supernova