supernova vs superstar

im looking to get a new yyf

a supernova with a twisted trifecta bearing or a superstar

i like the trifecta because its kk and i love the shape of the supernova and the grey and gold splash looks awesome
i also like the shape of the superstar the look is nice and the stacks are just a bonus

Get the Superstar. Playwise, they are kinda the same IMO except the Superstar is slimmer than the Supernova. Plus, you get hubstacks which is a bonus like you said. If I were you, I’d get the green with green splash genesis special edition. More people like the Genesis than the Superstar and the Supernova.

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I played a Superstar. Now I want to get one! Then get the Trifecta Bearing and pop that in there. Then, remove the stack bearings and clean them out really good and put them back.

I haven’t played a SuperNova, so I can’t comment. In general, I’m pretty pleased with YYF throws, although I mostly have plastics. Still, it’s good stuff.

I always recommend if you can, try before you buy. There’s a few stores that let you do so.

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ok thanks guys i think im going to save up a little more and get the superstar with the trifecta and some new string thanks again

I own a superstar, and even with the crappy 8 ball SPEC I have in it, it still plays awesome. It’s my favorite yoyo. I don’t own a supernova, but I’m sure it plays fine. Most of YYF’s metals play well