New Superstar or New Supernova?

And why?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I personally prefer the new superstar. The H profile just fits me better and the extra width makes it really fun to mess around with.

I think the new SuperNova comes with a Severe right now, so that could sway your decision. However, in my preferences, I played both and neither really connected with me. However, if you like either, chances are you’ll like the other. It’s like a major 2 for 1 score. Or, you could BST one off and recover some of your spending.

I do greatly enjoy the 2013 SuperStar. The wider profile isn’t too much wider. The lower walls make it better for horizontal, which is also part of the purpose with the wider profile as well. Good weight balance. Now, wider profiles take a bit of adjustment. The 2013 SuperStar will have an extremely short adjustment period over something like the SuperWide. Regardless, this adjustment will only help you in the long run with any yoyo, so it’s all good.

None are good grinders. All are extremely reasonably priced.

Get the John Ando Superstar when it comes out if your into grinds. That’s what I’m doing.

It’s already out.

The John Ando SuperStar is one of the Champions Edition series:

Silver/clear regular SuperStar with posts, no stacks or stack bearings or rubber rings included.

Yes that’s the old one, which no one was talking about. Here’s what we were talking about:

They honestly play equally as good… Which ever shape you prefer.

I got to play my new supernova before having to give it back(Christmas present). Instantly fell in love with it, maybe since I’ve put so many hours on my delrin severe. The supernova was like the peak of performance compared to my severe .

Plus there’s the free severe deal going on

Thanks guys! The Severe-deal is a plus, though i have one already… So it’s nice, though i wont make that decide.
On play, how are these? Who’s the most stable etc?

Ah, I didn’t realize YYF had released more variants.

Honestly, YYF needs to start blasting their yoyos. I got a 2013 SuperStar on day of drop and the smooth surface is the one thing that I don’t like about the one I have. I’m also normally not a big fan of YYF splashes, but these look pretty good. At $5 more for splash and blast, it’s still a deal.

Similarly, the Shutter, smooth on release, now blasted Champions Edition and now splash.

I prefer solids.

To the OP’s new questions:

All of them meet your requirements for stability. For me, it was “which did I prefer”. All three are excellent. The fact that I did not like the SuperNova is only my preferences talking. I say pick the shape you like and go for it.

I would go with a blasted Superstar, I think it’s the best available YYF right now. I haven’t played a blasted one but I doubt there’s any difference in play.

It seems to be a marketing ploy to me. They release a bunch of throws un-blasted which people buy, then after a bit of time they release the blasted + splash editions in the hope that people who liked the original will then buy a blasted. Cheeky, but I guess it must be working.

I agree that blasting is a must. The new Superstar (unblasted) is great but it’s quite annoying when you accidentally bumb it with your hand or something because it knocks tonnes of spin off it. I definately wish I had waited for a blasted version.

I like the new supernova much more. It has a nice presence on the string. Also, it stays truer (imo) to the supernova line, and even the first severe.

Get it and a delrin severe for free!!

Personally I found the New Supernova that much better than the New Superstar, and with the current deal going on with the Supernova here on YYE, you cant go wrong with your purchase of a New Supernova.

I agree.

YYF has built a reputation on yoyos with relatively smooth finishes. Attractive? Yes. Great playing yoyos? Well, although a matter of preference and opinion, the answer is “yes” without hesitation. Good grinders? Nope, due to that finish.

If YYF can manage to find a way to blast without adding significantly to the price, they should just do that.

I got a second Shutter because the Champions Edition is blasted. I’m not sure if I want to get a second 2013 SuperStar though.

Thanks guys! I think i’m gonna go with the Supernova - really like that shape!

Other companies seem to do this as well though, and it makes sense. One Drop especially releases big ol’ runs of solids and then drops splashes a month or so later. YYR has been doing raw releases and then ano a bit later. Werrd’s done it before with the Irony GBA, etc. No big deal. Just a matter of knowing what you want and waiting for it if ya have to.

You won’t be dissapointed. It grinds the best out of the yoyos I own, and is a blast to throw.

Got one for Christmas … So good and has a nice blasted finish … Only gripe is the spec x - swapped in a broken in one drop ten ball