I was looking through some things on the forums and I see that a lot of people dislike the 2012 Supernova. Why is that?

I belive its because the 2012 is made in china and is 6061 rather than 7075 aluminum. Someone correct me if im wrong.

I hear nothing but good things about Supernova’s. People can whine and complain about where they are made, but the fact is they are incredible yoyos that have been used to win multiple contests.

Ummmmm, the majority of people are morons. :-
Truthfully, Supernovas suck .
People pay me to throw their Supernovas away for them.
I can so do the same for you, PM for address, you pay shipping of course.
I await your PM’s, and please… not at all at once.

I honestly actually like the Supernova.

No wait, I’m like Graiskye. :wink: