how do i tell which supernova i have?

Hey guys, so i know there are two supernovas, one made in USA and 1 made in China(i think China), so how do i tell which i have? One is 6061 aluminum and 1 is 7075 , right? Do i look at the box? Or the engravings? Btw, if it helps the colorway is blue, with black specs and purple splash. I think it’s a rare coloreay (not like more value than other ones, i just dont see it a lot). Thanks.

Sorry if this is bad punctuation or hard to read,im doing something at the moment.

Can you take a pic? Is it a player edition? On the outside hub of the yoyo it will say if it’s made in China. If it says nothing then it’s USA.

But there were some 6061 made in USA. It doesn’t say what it’s made of anywhere on it.

I think it’s 7075, I bought it for $115! It doesn’t say anything.

I can’t picture the colorway. Around where it says Supernova on the yoyo (around it) if it doesn’t say Made in China, then it’s made in USA. Mostly the player editions were 7075 but a few different colorways were as well…

Take a pic! And we will probably know for sure

ahh, gimmie a sec, when i click post, it takes forever cuz of the pics :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s 7075. Beautiful colorway.

That’s a 7075 Hereweyo edition Supernova. I believe only a few were made in that colorway.

I’m actually in awe. I can’t stop looking at it!

oh ok. thank you :slight_smile:
i have only seen 1 other like it, and it was signed by Tyler severance. it was on display at the yoyo museum.

ooohh cool!
lol miami

i feel like the supernova looks way wide in pictures. right?

Not really…

really? in some pics it looks wider to me…

so i didnt get ripped off from bird in hand right? the price was right since its 7075?

No, not really… Looks pretty standard.

Colorway is nice though, would love to offer you a trade, but there’s a lot of damage. But if I were you, I would keep it. Forever.

EDIT: On the other half of the yoyo, in the cup, does it say “Here we Yo”? I’ve been looking at pictures of the Here We Yo edition, and they look a bit different, but that may just be me.

And if it is a Here We Yo edition, that looks like a good price. Another large site had them for $140. And another site I’d never heard of had it up for $828. O_o

Price was right tho.

It looks like the Hereweyo edition.

since its damaged, ill give it to you for $820 :wink:
haha,and this was the thing i was gonna trade for a red code 2!!! lol. it does have ove 10 dings. there not big, but still dings :-\

i dont think it says here we yo on it, could it be 1 of a kind!?!?!? lol jk

You bought it new? The colorway looks like HWY. Maybe someone at the store wanted to have two “HWY” halves and you got shafted with two regulars… Your’s is only worth about $20 now. May as well go ahead and sell it to me.