New Supernova or old 7075?


Anyone tried both? If so, which one would you choose, and why?


(SlimJoe) #2

The newest one. It has a nice heft to it. Plus, its more reminiscent of the 09 sev, just with a bit more flattened rims.


I feel like if they made a new one, it would be improved.

And do yourself a favor, get the 6061 :wink:


Was gonna make this same topic! Anyone?


Why is that?


There so expensive if you get the 7075!
I tried (older) 6061 and 7075 supernovas and didn’t know they were different at all.


We’re talking performance here not price


Are you kidding? They had major play differences. I liked the 7075 better. But the proto of the new Supernova was amazing in my opinion. Plays a bit heavier, unlike the old ones. I’m buying one.


I think YYF could make a new yoyo for Vashek called the Czm888


Okay? Im just saying, I wouldn’t pay an extra $35 for what I can get for less…

And I dont think getting a supernova for $120 is not a good idea really. I would get a chief or summit.