Will they ever make a 7075 version of the new supernova?

Or only 6061?

It was specifically designed for 6061 so I would guess probably not.

Look at their ask.fm/yoyofactoryfm . They’ve said several times that the best value they could get was with 6061 and they did not find the 7075 to play better, so I’d say not anytime soon.
Maybe a genesis version one day.

Be patient.

The yoyo has only been out for an extremely short period of time.

I’m sure they’ll make a 7075 edition at some point.

Just wait for it.

He is correct. From their ask.fm page:

I hate asking this question because I feel like you guys get it a lot and it must be really annoying, but are you guys planning on making 7075 editions of the new supernova and superstar? I am really tempted to get them now but if there are 7075 ones on the way I think I will hold out for those

nothing in production and no immediate plans. We built them out of 6061 because we didnt see any benefit to the cost of 7075

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