Need Help ID'ing a Supernova

Is my Supernova a 7075 or 6061 version?

It feels heavier than my Space Cowboy, maybe spins just as long and might even be more stable.

I think I might like my Supernova better than my Space Cowboy but out of curiosity, I’ve always wondered if it was 7075 or 6061, it’s been bugging me just to know.

It’s a blue with black splash.

7075 I think

I believe its a 2012+ model which were 6061. Pre-2012 were 7075 from what I can remember.

Oh yeah I thought the new ones were 7075. It is whatever the new one is

That’s a 2013 version - 6061

2012 were all 6061 except for the couple that were labeled as “made in USA 7075”

2011 were the first models that were all 7075

Thanks guys. The one I have, supposedly 6061, is one of the best yoyos in my arsenal. I wouldn’t trade it for any other whether it’s older or newer with 7075 or not.

Be sure to try a 7075 sometime though! Those are magnificent.

the first run 2011 7075s are absolutely incredible .

had a 2011 (7075) and a 2013 (6061)

the 2011 wins hands down

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