Yomega Glide or Yoyofactory new supernova

I cant deside whitch one to get

I havent tried either but if it were my choice I’d go with Glide. Yomega’s underrated IMO and everyone’s gonna say supernova but I think you should give Yomega that chance, I know theycan deliver.

The new supernova is excellent. It also comes with a delrin sev. Based on your options, I would go supernova.

To be honest, if you’re just starting out, the glide is an okay yoyo. I don’t really like it. It feels too heavy. I feel like it “clunks” everytime I do something. If you’re going to do any fast play at all I would get the supernova

I really wanna try both if these. I’d get a glide because I have a regular supernova, I just feel like I shouldn’t get an upgrade I love my supernova :slight_smile:

I tried the glide and the supernova at worlds (and yeah I have said “I tried this at worlds” one million times… :smiley: ) and I thought that the supernova was better in most respects. If you want a heavier yoyo, the glide would deliver there. They a both good, the supernova just feels nicer to me.