yomega glide vs yyf superstar

which one of these is better

I would assume that the supernova would be better, but on the other hand I have not tried the glide.

It’s not about which is better, its about preference.

My preferences would make me pick the glide

Seeing as you are who you are… I’m going to recommend the Glide

btw i just got one a few days ago

Dude, im sorry to play moderator, but can you quit making these uneccesary recommendation threads and just make ONE int the looking for help/recommendation section? Most of your posts on your forum are asking the impossible question of “which is better”. Its all preference!

But in my opinion, the superstar creams the supernova copy in every way.

Superstar. But if your a Yomega fan, (I think Yomega sucks) get the glide. But overall, just look at YYFs that are 85$ and choose what one looks the coolest! And also supernovas are awesome! And my favorite out of those is the super G. Get the super G

i said i already got the glide