Supernova 2013 vs Shutter

So yeah, let’s do this guys. Been wanting a new round shaped yoyo like the Supernova for awhile after I sold off mine. Just wondering if I should go for the new Supernova or the Shutter. I’m not too worried about the price tag for now. Just what your thoughts on them are and how they stack up (:


My past experiences with the SuperNova, it’s not a model I enjoyed. Preferences, nothing more, nothing less. I am willing to give the 2013 model a chance.

The Shutter, I enjoy. I like it so much, I got one for my kid for his birthday and he’s enjoying it.

My recommendation is based on what you’ve offered up. Since you really liked the older SuperNova, I think the odds are highly in your favor of the 2013 working well for you.

I’ve played my buddy’s shutter and I own a '13 supernova I like both for slight different reasons, but if I had to pick and buy either over again and I could just have one, I think idlesn toward the shutter it just feels slick in the hand and plays like a champ. But that supernova is no slouch and I like it a great deal then I into all thought I started a thread and really was apprehensive to buy the supernova but I got some solid advice and my friend TotalArtist really helped push me over and buy it I’m glad for all the advice and at the time I got it with a severe the I sadly don’t play a lot but even if the severe wasn’t part I ge package deal I’d still buy it again.

To me the shutter plays like a more expensive yoyo and fits my hands nearly perfectly and feels like a smaller yoyo (I believe it is slightly smaller then the supernova don’t quote me but that’s how I remember it feeling) and it’s width was a really nice compliment to the overall diameter the weight was perfect to get it to do what I really wanted it to do. Granted both of these yoyos play better then I do so there is no choice that wierd you to a wrong yoyo, I just think for the money the shutter is the best bang for the buck and the supernova is a close second.

Again each are different animals and each will make you happy in different ways with the shutter you can get accessories and stay at or under the cost if the supernova. Again just depends on which you are drawn to more; I’d say get one and save for the other at a future purchase date.

Hope I wasn’t to long winded and hard to understand.

Happy hunting and enjoy which ever you choose!