Supernova or Avante Garde?


Any thoughts? Which one is more stable and better for 5a? Also, I’m trying to learn regens, if that helps.


id say supernova for the reason i see tyler severance use it for 5a alot never even seen a avant garde in action…

  • supernova looks also better to me


my good friend has a supernova. ive thrown it and i personally dont like it. i feel like it should spin faster and it just kind of feels like a brick on a string. havnt tried the avante garde.

honestly, im not a fan of yyf at all (even though my primary throw at the moment is a dv888 [hey man im just waiting to get a good clyw])


i started with yyf and really dont wanna throw then anymore im moving on to clyw and one drop

yoyofactory is good but there yoyos dont appeal to me anymore with hubstacks and avant garde shapes


this is what i mean. i feel like yyf throws are mediocre and overpriced for their quality. there are a lot better options out on the market right now.


really for 100 bucks u can get a one drop dang or dietz or a fools gold avalanche all things im looking into for chrismas


agreed. im actually torn between a fg avalanche or a dietz. ive thrown a dietz and i LOVE the weight and floatiness but i want to get a full sized throw.

edit: i just realized were getting pretty off topic.
if those are the only two options that i guess i would say the supernova because ive played with it and i dont know how the avante garde plays. its all personal preference, honestly.


im torn between a dietz , fg aval, a torino, and a hspin the cut

although there all by very luxurious brands


i hope im not seeming kinda mean to yyf there yoyos are good but there designs are becoming boring to me ive seem to outgrown some of there yoyos i thought were cool
although i have to give them credit i will always want a purple/ grey rim MVP


Supernova ftw, absolutly amazing, it is a great yoyo. You seriously have to try it, perfect for regnes also.


IMO neither you would be much better off with an echo. and i’m not just blowin’ fanboy smoke here. don’t let duncan reputation for their plastic yoyos fool you, they’ve really stepped up there game, they even reccessed the new duncan FHZ pulse which intend to get. but any way, the duncan echo is MUCH better for grinds because of the ano and the rings in the catch zone, plus i’ve actually have Experience playing one. it feel really light, dispight the 68 grams to it, but it’s also forgiving but what i like about it the most is that the face is good for horizontal grind which i am into now. but don’t let it’s low prich fool you, its a pretty under rated yoyo.

I haven’t played the avant, but i have played the supernova with a bunch of other YYF’s, and they all seem to play the same. i was just crushed by the hype and had to buy one. I could fully say it was a waist of my money, when i played with it, it just seems dead and lifeless to me alot of the almost all other YYF’s i’ve played seemed to be like dead mush on a string to me, people say the genesis plays floaty, but it didn’t fell floaty to me, it fealt just the same. the only two that i liked were the boss, and the super star. they both just had something that made them feel different to me. alot of people said the superstar was big and slow, i dissagree i played as fast as i could and it kept on going. i would advise you to look into the echo or alteast something else.


Supernova is more stable than the Avant Garde. I’m not actually sure what the strength of the Avant Garde is. It has an interesting feel when you first throw it, but I’m not sure how the weird cutouts help the performance. If I was doing 5A, I would go with the Supernova over the Avant Garde. For learning new tricks, I would go with a Supernova over the Avant Garde.


supernova is an all around great yoyo… but i cant compare it with an avant grade so i suggest reading a few reviews about it… but here is a few things about the supernova

this yoyo is fast! very little weight in the center keeps this yoyo light and agile, with the weight being more focused on the rims, its going to be long spinning and stable… making this a great counterweight yoyo…and besides, who knows better than tyler severance… cw is his realm of competition… and it comes in three varieties … mid size nova, light and fast supernova lite, and the strong and steady supernova…


Avant garde!!! I’m the only one on this site I know who has one. It plays great, but I’m gonna stick with my siliconed fhz for now. If you are just learning 5a, don’t use a metal. I don’t really know what skill level you are, but for 5a, smaller bearings are the way to go for regens. And for all of you who say you’ve never seen an avant garde in action, I just might make a vid soon. I’ve never tried a supernova, but if you think it’s a good choice for 5a, all I would say is look around to see if you can find a small bearing one. Good luck!!!


Tons of people on here have them. And I would recommend the supernova because I like its size and weight a lot but I wouldnt get the avant garde. I wouldnt get it simply because its not a good 5a throw. Also I am complety against the Avant Garde for reasons some of you might be aware of. i will not talk further on that to prevent fights. You can look it up on google if you want.


I don’t agree with the posts on the supernova being ok. I just got mine today and rank it extremely high on my list. It spins fine and is very good for long tricks. I highly recommend.