YYF Supernova or DUNCAN Metal Drifter ?


YYF Supernova or DUNCAN Metal Drifter ?


Supernova is the obvious choice.

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You’re kidding, right?


I hope they are. I personally like the drifter but I also know thats there is a big difference between that and a supernova.


I seriously hope this is a joke.

The Supernova. The Metal Drifter can’t even compare to the Supernova.

EDIT: The Metal Drifter is responsive and is great for beginners, but if you’re advanced and into unresponsive play, then the Supernova is the choice.


When all of you started did you know everything about yoyo’s? I didn’t think so. He’s knew. He is learning and all of you need to be supportive.

The answer is supernova. The metal drifter is a great beginner yoyo but the supernova is a higher end, more advanced yoyo.

You guy’s see how I answered that? You should think about doing the same.



Depends on what you want from it though. I like the drifter, and haven’t thrown a Supernova. I will say the Metal Drifeter is perhaps more value dollar per dollar, but the supernova is a higher performance yoyo. I’m actually throwing a Metal Drifter right now. Need to give it back today.


I apologize for being kind of rude, but I’ve seen quite a few posts that are kind if ridiculous. Not too long ago, I saw a post asking if the Duncan Bumblebee was a good yo-yo for advanced string tricks. Well, I agree, I didn’t know everything about yo-yos at first either. I guess I should’ve thought about that.

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I think that guy was trolling. And at first I thought this guy was, so sorry if you aren’t.
Btw didn’t mean to thank you. (on an iPad so I sometimes miss the quote button lol)


The Supernova is better Hands down.

But, the Duncan metal drifter is a great yo-yo for the price. Great for beginners.


already I live in Turkey also only I can to order online but thanks everybody so much .


I assume you are new to yoyoing, so I will recommend the Metal Drifter.


I started with a drifter. Plays responsive when you first get it. Eventually clean the bearing and put some dif pads in it and it will do all the advanced stuff.


The Supernova is a great choice if you are more of an advanced player. The Drifter if you are just starting out. There is a huge gap between the level of these two yoyos. If you’re just starting to yoyo, I would definitely recommend the Drifter, and if you continue to like yoyoing, then someday you should get the Supernova :wink:


Wow haha I’m cracking up over the humorous questions people ask on the forums


Yeah. Hilarious. Because God forbid someone new to yoyoing thinking about/trying to get good at throwing without breaking the bank. And God forbid the guy be interested enough to take the initiative to join a forum so that he can ask people in a supposedly accepting community some questions.

We all don’t have the money to spend on high-end yoyos when we started out, and the Bumblebee guy should be commended for wanting to stick with yoyoing until at least advanced play. We all start somewhere, so let’s try to be human beings to one another.

(Sorry, I wouldn’t have pursued this further with such a 'tude, but didn’t Icthus JUST scold everyone in this thread for looking down on people? )


OK. The Metal Drifter is one of my favorite yoyos that I have, plays great if you remove a response pad and play and let the pad and bearing break in. I haven’t thrown a Supernova, but it’s probably better and it’s also a lot more expensive.


I understand someone is new, but if they know about the yoyo supernova, and the bumblebee, and obviously they see a difference in the prices, a person could only guess which one is better? I understand im sorry i was being so critical.
The metal drifter performs well for a first, if you remove one pad it helps the response be less, and it spins a bit longer, i liked it a bit, before i bought a fh2 which was way better in my opinion


I’m intermediate in yoyoing. I using auldey dragon slayer but i want a Supernova


If thats the case i would go with the yyf supernova then. The drifter can play nice with a little work, I happen to love mine its one of my favs but if you have the money and want the yyf then get it.