YFactor or Superstar

pls tell me :slight_smile:

They are 2 different yo-yos

And it seems like you already have a superstar since its in your favorite yo-yo spot

noo i dont have superstar, i just LOVE it…

but i didnt tried YFactor :o

Big or small, medium/heavy or medium/light. hubstacks?

These are two different yoyos.

i like all of the yoyos!

If you are an intermediate or just starting advanced tricks, then I think the superstar will be easier for you. Pick which looks cooler. The Y Factor is faster.


Better grinds, smoother, smaller, more awesomer.

Just my opinion though.

im master :-\

Oh, just go with the cheaper one.

Unless you already got it, Y-factors are out of stock, so you’re kinda SOL :-[

im bulgarian and in two weeks come a YFactor in www.yoyobulgaria.com

but i decidet to get a superstar :slight_smile:

Pfffffff, your loss, mate

SS=countless titles around the world
Y Factor= 0 titles anywhere

I don’t have anything against the Y-Factor but with the SS you get more in every sense of the word.

Well duh, it’s a new product. :stuck_out_tongue:

Y-Factor has a nicer IRG…
It has better grinds…
More Quieter…


the ss has been around for ever and the y factor just came out, how can you compare them like that?

That wasn’t a good comparison I admit. I hope that in the future I will have the pleasure of using the Y-Factor if it is as good as you make it out to be.