YYF Yuuksta vs. One Drop Y-Factor

I really need some help. I am a YYF fanboy but i have heard that smaller companies are better for quality.

which one plays faster?

probably yuuksta for speed. its smaller and well known for speed. i voted for yuuksta. i also like the shape of the yuuksta better because the H shape helps to keep the yoyo from tilting (the string cant hit the sides as easily). although all yoyos tilt the shape just helps a little

well i have seen many reviews amd heard that smaller companies have better quality products and do u have either of them/

i bought a yuuksta

as for the higher quality… well thats not necessarily true. yoyofactory has great reviews and it is also a high quality company. its more about preference really. for example- the yfactor comes with a 10ball bearing and some people like those more than the spec bearing that comes with the yuuksta. and vice versa (if you get the small bearing yuuksta its a center trac though). one drop however is also known for high qulity products so you cant go wrong with either choice.
both are high quality- the remaining part is deciding which yoyo you like more :slight_smile: hope that helps.
also- yuuksta is 10$ but does the yfactory play 10$ ‘better’? well i don’t know because i dont have a y factor- but the yuuksta is great

so what yoyos do u have jw and do u have any other companies than yyf? :slight_smile: