Void or Y Factor?

Im stumped. cant decide which to get.
The shape is very similar, as is the response. I like the size of both, but the Void weight is a little heavy for me. I also like the compatibility of C bearings in the Y Factor, while ILYY has one, incredible bearing.


Hey Titanium221! I love light floaty yoyos. The Y Factor is kinda heavy and slow. the Void, has a shape that makes it faster. It is also nice and floaty. It is a great yoyo and I love it. It’s on the top of my wants list right now. But it just comes down to what you like. If you like light, fast, oversized, and floaty, the Void would probably be best for you. If you like heavy, slower speeds, and undersized, the Y Factor is probably for you. And if you have a P2, or have tried one, I think the Y Factor plays a lot like a P2. Oh, and this isn’t the right section of the forums unless you want to buy one of these yoyos. Anyway, hope you get a yoyo you like! :slight_smile:

-James Reed