okay, so I’ve never paid much attention to weight when picking my yo-yos, mainly because i like diversity in my collection. Now that i got a yoyo for my birthday, it comes with two weight options, and i was wondering, heavier or lighter? If i want the smoothest and floatiest throw what should i go for?

Weight won’t impact how much vibration a yoyo has. Most manufacturers make their yoyos with almost no vibration these days anyways.

“Floaty” is a useless word to describe a yoyo. Ask 100 people their definition of floaty and you’ll get 110 different answers. If you ask if light or heavy yoyos are more floaty, you’ll get 50 people saying light yoyos are more floaty and 50 people saying that heavy yoyos are more floaty.

Heavier yoyos tend to sleep longer. Lighter yoyos tend to play faster. That’s really the only judgement you can make based on weight and not knowing the differences in weight distribution, and that judgement isn’t always accurate.

What yoyo are u referring to?

Floatiness depends on weight distribution and overall weight so it’s hard to say.

I prefer lighter throws.

And yeah heavier throws tend to doing longer but that depends on weight distribution.

You have the best answer to your question. You already have the Yoyo. It has weighting options.

Totally disregard ‘smooth’ and ‘floaty’, for a day or two.

You simply have to try the Yoyo with both weight set-ups. ‘You’ have to decide which weighting option feels/plays better for you.

Smooth and floaty are terms that are of much less significance than most yours preoccupations with their possible meanings/worth/functional value.

Now I am just making an educated guess, next. <> and here is my guess<>
The fact that your Birthday Yoyo has weight changing options, to me, means that neither heavy or light configuration may be ‘smooth’. And in the lighter form the Yoyo might by Squirrely. And in the heavier set-up, it may feel like a boat anchor.

…if you posted,‘Hey guys, I am going to an Ice Cream Parlor for my Birthday. What do you think I will like better: Vanilla or French Vanilla’?

We can all guess until your Ice Cream melts, but it is you that will find out first hand, which works for you.

There is/was, nothing wrong with your posting up the question. People ask questions, hoping to get answers that they can use.

You only have 2 options, right? Heavy option or lighter option.

If you can’t decide which way you like the Yoyo Best, no answer in this thread, will help you one bit.

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