Heavy Vs Floaty throw


Haven’t been on these evil forums in a while so I’m just going to throw this out there. Explain why.

I prefer heavy because then I feel all fast and stuff but with floaty I feel all precise and stuff.


I like floaty but with presence, I mean, I need to feel what’s at the end of the string.


I like my throw to be like an armored tank (heavy). Ferocious and fun is what I like. ;D


If I had a choice, I would go with floaty because I like hopping tricks and stuff, and it feels nicer to get some…airtime (???)…


My preference as well.


I’m open to either as long as the yoyo plays fast I’m fine. But I do seem to lean towards floaty.

(DOGS) #7

Heavy and slow.


i like midrangers that are stable at slow speeds, and can handle faster play and hops…
Super G seems to be fullfilling that really well :smiley:


I just nabbed a mutant dna from the yye store. 74 grams. I also own the first run chief. Once I play both I guess I’ll have to come up with some sort of consensus.


I have heavy throws I love and I have floaty throws I like a lot.
I also have a heavy throw that feels floaty and a light throw that plays heavy.

I like a mixture if you couldn’t tell.

(M.DeV1) #11

its funny i love heavy throws but i play fast. i really like some weight to whip around ya know?


Fast and floaty depends on the shape and structure.
My Dream Yo Lions are 69 grams and are an incredibly fast model.
My Sliepnir is 65 and superfast because it was designed to be such.
A Crucial Confection is 67-68 and is very floaty because of where the weight distribution is and it’s a not-so-fast shape.

I personally like fast light models, and fast heavy models. I don’t like mid rangers.


I’ve been yoyoing since I was 14, and got serious in 2003. I don’t even know what FLOATY is. I like a good weight yoyo. I really dig the Crucial Delicious, it has a very good weight. But the perfect weighted yoyo to ME is the G5+.


I have no preference, just as long as it feels nice in my hand and works with my tricks is all that matters.

(WildCat23) #15

Heavy but fast


If I can throw it and play it, I like it.

My preferences are heavy and floaty. For me, slow is good as I’m still learning.

I also like stuff that CAN play faster, and sometimes light stuff can be tons of fun. Ultimately, I like variety and enjoy breaking things up by going through different yoyos, all with different attributes. In the end, I do end up coming back to the same ones over and over again, but then we probably all do as we develop our preferences.

I don’t see myself being a “speed player” ever. I’d like to be able to go fast, but we’ll see about that. I prefer a more “laid back” style for myself for now.


i like throws that are heavy when you hold them but feel light at the end of the string




If it doesn’t smash into the palm of my hand, then it ain’t a yo yo. Its an inefficient paper weight. My weight class is around the DM2 and HitmanPro

(JonasK) #20

I like yoyos that don’t have that thud when they hit the end of the string. When I’m looking for yoyos, I’m not necessarily looking for light yoyos, I’m looking for yoyos that don’t have too much weight on the rims. The New Breed is an example of this. The yoyo is very big, not necessarily light (68 grams), but the heavy plastic makes it feel a lot lighter and “floatier” than you would think.

I feel like more center-weighted yoyos just give me more control in general, at the sacrifice of some stability and spin time (which are things that have become non-issues as I have developed as a yoyoer).