Floatiest throw

What’s the floatiest throw you’ve ever thrown? :smiley:

CLYW Cliff.

YYF Whip

Ask ten different people and you’ll get ten different answers.

As of now avalanche and puffin

Floatiness has to do with how light the yoyo is btw. Lighter then floatier. At least pretty sure. Someone will hopefully back me on that lol

Drop bear or 54

It’s more to do with how light the yoyo feels rather than how light it is. As I understand it, ‘floaty’ means moving slowly without that feeling of sluggishness/exertion you get from heavier throws.


Gotta be light to feel light right?

Could just be light for the size. And some light throws zip around with a huge amount of speed rather than floating from string to string. Floatiness seems to be one of those things that everybody obsesses over but nobody seems to agree on the definition of.


The floaty feeling is caused more by having more center-concentrated mass.

No matter what, a straight-up light yoyo is still going to feel light.

Floatiest for me has been the Werrd Pacquiao. But I will give a nod to the “light for its size” side of things and say that the H5xChief is pretty floaty, and is 70g as I recall.

Have to disagree.
Format:C plays lighter than any metal (exception to Pacquiao & Drop Bear) I’ve played.


I’ve owned a Cliff for over a year. I though I would never find a throw as floaty as it. I was wrong. The Bonfire is the floatiest yoyo I have ever used. It’s so good.


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I have only thrown a DM2, protostar, and Hubstack Genesis so I’m not sure what a really floaty throw would feel like.

I know, metal vs plastic would really make a difference, but would shape make a huge difference too? Seems to me that an O shape compared to a V or H would float more, or maybe it is the opposite. I guess if in O shapes the weight is toward the center more it would “float” better. Just not sure, however I’m curious because I’m looking currently for a really nice high end floaty yoyo. Really want a puffin, but I hate all the colors lol.

Model 10

Summit with ultralights feels real floaty to me. Eli hops are like slow motion as it hovers in the air.

Bvm? Quake? Chief? Cliff?

Well I can go ahead and tell you that your throws are pretty solid. A hubstacked Genesis is pretty solid. I wouldn’t say that any of those are floaty. The DM2 is also pretty solid.