Floatiest throw

Yup, 3 solid throws right there. Whenever you get a yoyo with the reputation for “floatiness”, you’re in for a new experience! Keep in mind, not everybody even prefers that feel in a yoyo… some people love a nice solid performer. But it’ll be a new experience nonetheless. :wink:

In no particular order. Just my opinion.

OG Project

YYF demonstrates what “float” really is:

Sheesh…The Speed Dials date the vid a bit.

Model 10 for sure.

oxy iv, by oxygene yoyos…



No actually. The Werrd Sentinel is considered floaty by many and I believe its around 69 grams and its very large

Summit is probably one of the most floatiest yoyo out the. Cliff is also a really floaty yoyo

The yo-yo in the yoyofactory tour video.

hey Adam!

No particular order but a lot are CLYW.

Prepro 888

No try legos. Insane ;D


Well it’s good to know I have 3 solid throws. That Hubstack genesis is soooo forgiving, rarely tilts no matter how I throw it. Although the other day my bearing started screaming like crazy and won’t stop, I hope it’s ok…

Anyway, Greg, I’m super excited to get and try a floaty throw. I’m sure it will be an experience I will love. But like you said, some people don’t prefer it and maybe I’m one of them. This is why I wish soo bad I had a store nearby I could try some dif throws out…

If you peeps think a Cliff is floaty, try a Werrd Sentinel.

Sold! Got one for me? :wink:

IMO, seems like we need to have a standard definition for all these yoyo play properties (float, stability, smoothness, heft etc)? Possibly with a proper scale/score system. These standards will have good impact to yoyo reviewer too. Excuse me if these have been discussed somewhere in this forum.

I got both!

XCube Stampede and 3YO3 Bassline are the floatiest I’ve personally played.

Someone attempted to make a definitive guide to yoyo characteristics a while back. Maybe you can find it.

They attempted it, but float was removed because it was so controversial lol