Float Kings (A comparative overview of the floatiest yoyos in my collection.)

Top row: General Yo Model 10, Werrd Alliance
Bottom row: CLYW Peak, Werrd Sentinel, VsNYYC Flying Hut, ILYY Lynx

What is float?

“Float”, for those unfamiliar with the term, refers to a yoyo’s seeming ability to hang or hover in the air while playing with it. Float tends to be very subjective and I suspect it depends on several things, including yoyo shape, weight and personal play style.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a “solid” feeling yoyo is one which conveys a sense of momentum or deliberateness on a throw. A yoyo which is very “solid” might feel heavy on the string. I tend to find that solid yoyos also convey a sense of confidence on the throw. Solid yoyos in my mind are also more stable than floaty ones with less of a tendency to tilt off axis.

For many people, including myself, float is a very enjoyable quality in a throw and is something I tend to look for. As a non-competitive player, I’m mainly looking for yoyos that are a pleasure to throw rather than something that is 100% performance oriented.

Different people tend to interpret yoyos differently. Therefore, readers should keep in mind that this roundup is purely my own personal rankings. Others may have different opinions and they would be just as valid as my own conclusions.

Tier 1: Deep Space (Model 10 and Alliance)
By far the two floatiest yoyos in my collection are General Yo’s upcoming Model 10 and the YoYoJam Alliance. Both of these yoyos almost levitate when thrown. They’re about equivalently floaty in my mind, but the Model 10 sports a somewhat more conventional shape than the Alliance which is extremely oversized and has a very exaggerated catch zone. The Model 10 also excels in a couple areas when compared to the Alliance which are stability and power. Immediately after playing the Model 10 prepro, I picked up a couple more from Ernie. Yes, it’s that good. The Alliance is also fantastic, but is more of a ‘fun’ yoyo than a serious competitor’s throw, imo. The profile and rim design is very unique and unlike most other yoyos on the market. It’s unfortunate that the Alliance seems to have had only a very limited release, because in a sea of very similarly spec’d and shaped yoyos, the Alliance stands out as very unique and original.

Tier 2: Stratosphere (Flying Hut and Lynx)
In the next tier, we have the VsNYYC Flying Hut and the ILYY Lynx. Both of these yoyos are also very floaty but less so than the Model 10 and Alliance. These two are also more conventionally shaped than the prior two. The Flying Hut was a prototype released by VsNYYC and will likely never see a production run due to the closure of VsNYYC. (This is a shame, because it’s one of my favorite throws.) The ILYY Lynx, like many other ILYYs is highly underrated. The Lynx has that awesome Candyblast coating which makes it a great grinder as well as very sparkly and visually attractive. Lynxes show up on the BST for very reasonable prices, so if you’re looking for a fun floaty throw I’d suggest you pick one up.

Tier 3: Cloud layer (Sentinel and Peak)
Unlike the difference between the Tier 1 and Tier 2 yoyos, I found the Tier 2 and Tier 3 throws to be much closer in floatiness. In fact, I kind of went back and forth as to which throws belonged in which group. The first one, the Werrd Sentinel is an oversized yoyo from our friends down under. In some ways it reminds me of the Alliance as it’s both oversized and light. This is another fun yoyo which is readily available, fairly priced and a unique one to add to your collection. Lastly we have the CLYW Peak which is probably the yoyo most commonly associated with the term ‘floaty’. Although in my mind it’s the least floaty of this bunch, it’s still very floaty compared to the majority of throws. In addition to being a great player, it has an organic shape and is definitely the most collectible of this group.

Anyways, that’s my quick round up. Would love to hear other people’s thoughts on floaty yoyos! Agree or disagree, let’s hear what you think. :slight_smile:


My (limited) experience with this phenomena is with the SPYY Punchline and the G Squared Albatross… I had an experience with an Albatross once while playing it where I instinctively physically moved my hand over it to keep it from floating above my head like a balloon. That is when I truly grasped what was meant by the term, it was a very odd sensation…

Ah, great point. Yes I agree that those two are also quite floaty. I’ll toss those around tomorrow and see where I personally find those two fitting in.

I’ve experienced the floatiness of a yoyo with my Chief and Acrophobia.

I would say the Albatross and the 65g Chief deserve serious consideration regarding floatiness, however these are both what you might call “solid” because they are both extremely stable and hold their momentum for a long time.

Oh and I love your atmospheric rating scale lol.

My friend Chris let me play with his Ti5 awhile back. That was probably the floatiest yoyo I’ve ever played with



This is gonna sound dumb.
What does floaty mean?

The only reason it sounds dumb is because there’s a whole section in the original post “What is Float?”

Some people’s definitions may vary, but for the purpose of this thread, Jason’s is the only one that matters.


Very nice. I think the YYR Overdrive belongs in the pantheon of “float” too.

I’d still love to see a comparison of the different Peak runs. From what I understand, the 2nd runs are not as floaty and have more rim weighting than the 1st and 3rd. Also, out of the 3 Peaks I have (2x 2nd run, 1x 3rd run), the Hulk Smash is the lightest by 2 grams!

Hmm…that’s debatable actually. Overdrives aren’t floaty as much as they are “slicey”. Nothing else really feels like an Overdrive, so it’s hard to describe. From my experience, Overdrives have zero float and zero solid-ness. It’s completely centered between solid and floaty.

That’s what I felt, but my opinion is just what I think.

Sorry Beezy, been busy at work and haven’t had a chance to do a comparison for you. I’ll try to update my little review tonight with some thoughts on the Peaks and some of the other yoyos mentioned in this thread. I don’t have much in the way of YYR unfortunately. I should try an acrophobia some time.


Interested to see some additions to the list and I’m enjoying comparing my thoughts :slight_smile:

The Acrophobia and Punchline are both extremely floaty. Much more so than the sentinal and even the Flying Hut (lucky enough to own one). The Acrophobia is my number one throw at the moment because of it ability to “float”. It has a strange combination of total center weight directed in the middle of the throw while still having enough rim weight to perform long and difficult combos without spinning out. Top notch throw. punchline I have had since the beginning of time really deserves to be put up there. even though it is slightly undersized and heavily rim weighted it is floaty as heck! Spyy addiction is also really floaty. anyway tell me what you think!

I think that the VSNYYC Septopus is another throw that should be added to the list. I love the Flying Hut, but I think I love Septopi equally. They feel so much lighter in the hand and also seem to disappear into the ether once they are off the string. I will also stick my neck on the block even further by suggesting the La Goutte which is also just a superb throw, and the new ILYY Nile. I will now take a step back and get ready to be taken down a peg or two… it seems incredible how subjective this can be, but I really appreciate the thread, and the effort taken in putting together some serious thought and text on the subject.

I still dont know what it means. Ive never experienced “float” before.

I found the septopus to be an extremely solid throw. that just my opinion though

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In my opinion, it’s a pretty nebulous term. I fired up a thread about it a while ago and there was some more “practical” explanations for why a throw might feel floaty, and why some of it is psychosematic. But in any event, Jason explained what he meant by float for the purpose of his comparison, so it doesn’t matter what our personal take on it is… we know the criteria used for judging.

I totally agree that float is highly subjective. That said, it’s not 100% subjective because people do generally agree that some yoyos are floaty while others aren’t.

I think that a big part of what makes a yoyo feel floaty to me is the overall perception of lightness. Not absolute weight (i.e.: exact grams), but the combination of weight and size. I notice that most ‘floaty’ yoyos tend to be full size. In fact, off the top of my head, it’s pretty hard to think of an undersized yoyo that is generally considered floaty. I notice the Alliance and Sentinel in my list are both quite oversized and relatively light. The Alliance in particular is very very light, even for a normal sized yoyo.

It’d be really nice to figure out a metric that corresponds to floatiness. Perhaps a ratio of diameter to weight might be a starting point.

I thought float was the feeling of lightness on the string.