Floaty Yoyos?

I’m looking for a real floaty floaty yoyo. Like, very floaty.

What brands I’m looking at
(What eeeeevver you do, no Clyw. Call me crazy, but way over priced, and I already have myself a Summit)

Under $120, please
Quite good grinds
V-Shape or H-Shape
Jumpy, if you know what I mean
Under sized to Mid sized would be good, however full sized would be acceptable
Good for contests, and longer combos would be nice
Hubstacked if possible, but does not require it at all

Thank you!

BTW, here are the ones I have

Yomega Prodigy
Clyw Summit
Yyf Supernova
Yyf Shutter
Adegle PSG
2 Duncan Pro-Zs
Some others, but not really important. I’ll tell you if I have the one you recommend.

You’re not going to find very many good yoyos that can “do it all”. In particular, fingerspins are not going to be possible on most hubstacked yoyos unless you do it “grab the hubstacks” style. :wink:

The floatiest production yoyo you will find (no coincidence, also the lightest) is the Werrd Pacquiao. It’s absolutely delightful. You will never play it at a competition unless you don’t tend to do long combos and you don’t mind being a precise player. :wink: But you will love having it in your collection because it is utterly unique. So “dominates at 1A” is kind of a weird qualification. The player dominates at 1A, not the yoyo, and does “dominating” mean in general or in a competition scenario? In any event, I will fully admit and warn that the Pac isn’t meant for 1A competition.

Its weird-looking spikes are made like that because they are hubstack-ready. You just need to buy a full hubstack kit (the one that includes the bearings).

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I should of been more specific! I looked at the pacquiao and it just isn’t for me. I’ll put better preferences right now.

Sounds like a VSNYYC Skywalker would suit you

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Where can I get one of those? I’m not allowed to BST, but they look so good

I find the Strix quite floaty.

I’ll check that out!

Is the Barracuda floaty?

Tenyoyo bebop sounds like a great yoyo for you

Floaty midsize yoyo that is good for grinds and has an organic V for $70

Sure looks wonderful! That’s Definitely a competitor.

Some others worth consideration:
Irony JP 2k13 (great grinds, good at horizontal, and flat hub for fingerspins but oversized)
Deadly spins wrath (midsized fast V throw)
G2 Quake (midsize Floaty V)

It seems like the Severe (Delrin) would fit most preferences except the long spins for competition. It’s spin times and stability are less that what most people consider competition throws.

I don’t think I’d call the Irony JP 2K13 “floaty” by a long shot.

But it’s a cool yoyo.

In my personal opinion, “floaty” and “dominates competition” shouldn’t necessarily be considered alongside one another. People typically want to sacrifice a bit of “float” for longer spin-times and stability when it comes to competition yoyos. There are a lot of somewhat floaty “competition” yoyos out there, but it doesn’t seem to be the primary design goal.

That’s the long way of saying… Irony may not be floaty, but it’s one to consider for competition. :wink:

Try the 4xl with no stacks on it. It is super light and floaty and a lot of fun

Or the od 54 that’s also an awesome choice and it’s super floaty

So, I have been looking at that Irony for a while. Maybe it’s time.

I tried one of those at my local yoyo club and I was not the biggest fan of it, it was more organic and was just not appealing

Already got one, but thanks for the suggestion!

Organic= Meh

And as I asked before, is the Barracuda by Duncan floaty

Or the proton? The proton is one snazzy yoyo

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Through all my 6 years of throwing, the Model 10 by General-Yo is by a wide margin the floatiest throw I’ve ever played with. And I hear a new shipment is arriving at YYE soon. I highly recommend you pick one up. The shipment was supposed to arrive during Christmas, but some people stole the package. They recently got caught and the package is being shipped to YYE. You must act quick, every General-Yo throw to be released on YYE has sold out extremely quickly.