Floaty yoyos?

I got a big pile of cash for my (early) birthday, so I’m wondering what yoyo I should get. I would prefer spmething floaty. Also should I get something now, or wait for the next run of yetis. Please make suggestions below $80 shipped
Edit: screw the $80 and under thing. I’ll make it $120 and under because it’s about time I need a high end throw

I had a Yeti. Honestly, it’s not worth the hype. If you want floaty just get a Code 2 from the BST.

I have 2 code 2s and although the shape looks like it would be floaty imo its not floaty at all. in my opinion float yoyos would be…

Avant Garde 2
Cascade esp w ul ses

have heard but haven’t played myself:

Code 1

the thing is words like floaty and solid are very subjective. where one person thinks the code 2 is floaty
I find it almost the complete opposite, some people would say throws i listed they don’t find floaty but no one is wrong, so really its up to you and your definition of floaty ya know? I think my list is a good place to start. good luck

Cliff is floaty.

I would like an avant garde 2 (which I have played and loved) but I can’t find one anywhere but is the yeti floaty? I’ve been wanting a clyw but they’re all too expensive for me

Code 2 is solid, not floaty; I think you’re the first person I’ve heard say a Code 2 is floaty :smiley:

With that said I suggest a Cascade or Summit

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The only thing is I need it to be $80 or under, cascade and summit are both a little too expensive

Not a lot of floaty yoyos under $80, but check out the Kilter and Protostar, their about as floaty a yoyo as I’ve played under $80

The TOO Hot might be floaty as well, getting one next week so we’ll see

I own a too HOT, it’s a great yoyo, floaty and it outplays my shutter, the reason I don’t use it is because it’s too big for my hands.

Then try a YYO Kilter, it’s a little smaller and slimmer

Try the Duncan Raptor. It has a very floaty, responsive feel. Not responsive like grippines, responsive like it does what you say. It’s my second favorite yoyo. And it’s it’s only, what, $40?

The original 3YO3 Basslines were very floaty. I haven’t played the Bassline 2, but the specs are pretty much the same.

Code 1 is floaty

Code 1, OG Avalanche, Acrophobia, PerfectStar, Yeti, WM2, Bassline 2, Summit, Trancer, Bonfire, Seed, 2SickYoyos King looks like it is incredibly floaty, but haven’t played it yet.

It sounds great, but I would like something that has a more odd shape, is there a place where I can find an avant garde 2?

Diamondback is soo floaty that it feels light like it’s hollow. This may sound bad but with th light hollow feel makes it’s maneuverability and manipulation seemless

I emailed yyf and they said they have a bunch of b-grade avant garde 2’s, I’ll probably get one

Code 2 is not floaty. Code 1 is very floaty.

Under $80? I can’t think of any in particular. :frowning: The Yoyofficer Nifty seems like it’d be floaty for that price, but I’ve not played one.

Wrath is kind of odd, and very, very floaty

What company makes the wrath?