The float Experimence


I want to know your top 3 floatiess throws and rate them from 1-10 on your personal float scale as well as their stability and speed of play. Which of the three you prefer most and why? I understand this is different FOR EVERYONE. But I want to see people’s opinions; the more the merrier. Thank you for your replies.


YoyoFactory Space Cowboy -
Fast 9/10
Stable 10/10
Floaty 9/10

One Drop Code 1 -
Fast 7/10
Stable 10/10
Floaty - 9/10

Tropic Spins Shipwreck -
Fast 7/10
Stable 10/10
Floaty 9/10

It’s hard choosing between Shipwreck and Space Cowboy, but Space Cowboy wins it out because it is much lighter and smaller, making it easier to play.

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Space Cowboy floaty??? Maybe you’re just experiencing the fresh silicone which prevents the “thunk” at the end of a hard throw.

Floaty is the following (with a flat quiet bearing):

CLYW Cliff –

9/10 stable
9/10 float
7/10 fast

General-Yo Model 10

8/10 stable
9/10 float
8/10 fast

Werrd Sentinel

10/10 stable
8/10 float
5/10 fast

YYJ Pinnacle

4/10 stable
10/10 float
9/10 fast

CLYW Bonfire

8/10 stable
9/10 float
8/10 fast

OneDrop T1

8/10 stable
8/10 float
7/10 fast

OneDrop Chik

9/10 stable
7/10 float
7/10 fast


I’m missing some. This is just my opinion.


It’s hard to find a fast yoyo that can be floaty at same time. However my Space Cowboy does it all! Fast! Floaty! Stable! :wink:

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Yeah I have a MIB Cowboy too with fresh sili. It’s definitely not floaty compared to some of the other throws I listed but I could see what you’re saying.


Aaah, makes sense now. My Next Level is in no way floaty at all then, it’s just very fast and long spin times. I do feel my Space Cowboy bounces off strings very smoothly compared to the majority of my yoyo’s. Maybe except for my Code 1 and Shipwreck now that I know what floaty is. I think the longer spin-time yoyos give me the illusion that the yoyo is “floaty”.


(sorry, I deleted my previous post because I wasn’t answering the OP…!)

Whereas to me, there is zero correlation between spin time and floatiness. :wink:


Well I just took off my Next Level and replaced it with a Code 1 on the list.


Code 1, now THAT is a floaty yoyo. Especially with ULs.


I do have Ultra Light Side Effects on my Code 1 now actually! :wink:


I don’t really like overly floaty yoyos,

Floatiness : quite floaty, but still controllable
Stability: Stable enough
Speed: maybe 6/10, not that fast, but fast enough and can be pushed

Float: Too floaty, almost sluggish, annoying to play seriously
Stability: not that stable, especially with a flat
speed: can be pushed a little, but doesn’t feel comfortable at high speeds

Float: quite floaty, but still controllable, feels very refined
Stability: One of the most stable non-bimetal you can buy, almost feels like cheating
speed: medium-fast, but can be pushed to blazing speeds without feeling uncomfortable


Oh God, I am glad I am not the only person feeling that way about their Summit. Mine is sloppy enough that I started to think it’s a yoyo problem. Guess it’s just the way that it’s made. I didn’t list my Summit on this thread because I thought it was not worthy of it.

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Code 1 is definitely floaty! I agree with you on that.


This will be the first time someone has ever described the Gleipnir as “quite floaty” and one of the few times someone would write that it “can be pushed to blazing speeds”.

It’s absolutely astonishing to me how subjective these things are when they SHOULD be objective… it’s just physics! But no… subjective for sure. Our brains are so bizarre.


Have you ever played one?


I have not. But what I stated is that I have never seen anybody describe the Gleipnir as “quite floaty”. Which I have not. Everyone who talks about the Gleipnir describes it as solid and stable.

As for speed… that part really IS physics. The heavier a yoyo is, the harder it is to accelerate in different directions, period. Lighter yoyos play faster, heavier yoyos play slower. When we find the opposite to be true, it is due to a combination of psychology (which is a strange and wonderful thing) and in part, stability… yoyos that are more stable tend to allow us to more confidently push the speed without worrying about a few sloppy moments ruining the whole combo.


In part, I agree. The more stable a yoyo is, the easier it is to become confident at high speeds. And it’s VERY stable. But just because the Gleipnir is heavier, doesn’t make it slower. Since it is a fairly large yoyo, and the weight is distributed very ingeniously through the walls AND rims, it acts and feels much lighter than it really is. Which gives it a stable, light feeling on the string with a good bit of float time. Weight distribution plays a HUGE part in how a yoyo plays and feel. Also very basic Physics. In theory, heavy yoyos will be slow, and light yoyos will be fast. But it doesn’t work that way with yoyos since the weight and size differences are very small compared to the way the weight is distributed.


Psychology plays a far greater role in a heavy but stable yoyo (no matter the diameter) playing fast than the minor differences in weight distribution will.

I have a Sentinel. It’s not light. I would even venture to call it “floaty”. It has a large diameter. It’s probably the closest analogy to a Gleipnir that I own. I can push it fast because of how confident I am in it. But it is nowhere NEAR as fast… not even close… as the Pacquiao. :wink: But if I try to go breakneck speed with the Pacquiao, it’s inevitable that I screw up and the combo dies.

It’s pretty much all psychology. The physics support the lighter yoyo going incredibly faster.


I didn’t want this to be a debate thread I thought I stated that in my original post I guess I’ll stop asking questions sorry guys.


Welcome to the internet. Enjoy your stay. :wink:

In particular, though… the term “float” is something nobody agrees upon, so asking for an evaluation of float is inevitably going to breed debate. Didn’t see a “no debate about float” disclaimer… just this:

“I understand this is different FOR EVERYONE. But I want to see people’s opinions; the more the merrier.”

We were sharing opinions! Debate isn’t something to be scared of. It’s not argument. Nobody has ill feelings here. I would be shocked and surprised if anything znin said was meant to hurt my feelings. There’s not a chance of that.