delete please.

thank you.

Dietz, the rest feel chunky.

double post.

Yes you are slowly pushing your luck!!! HAHA

Ok so in my opinion NONE of them are floaty. These are three of my fav throws though…

The Y Factor os my fav of the three and for the price it is a GREAT deal!!! Rock solid performance. It can do anything!!!

Yep. Hmm… Still dunno.

Y Factor… Thank me later… Seriously… GET IT

Smooth Move, if you don’t need a yoyo that babies you in terms of axis. (In other words, you can’t be hitting the extremes of the catch zone too often, and you should be comfortable with the occasional correction)

I haven’t tried a Dietz yet. It’s on my “must have undersize” list; I don’t think anyone would fault you for that choice!

On the other hand, I HAVE played a Gnarwhal and it’s a very capable yoyo. Physics makes it less stable than the bigger CLYW throws (naturally) but it’s by no means a chaotic throw. Still very controlled, but like the Smooth Move it’ll really shine when you have clean technique and can make the occasional correction.

To qualify: I have terrible technique, and I can still enjoy both the Smooth Move and the Gnarwhal. What I’m saying is that even if you have rotten technique like me, they are good yoyos-- and I would imagine that someone with better technique than mine could really bring them to life.

.< I want a y-factor but I want another yoyo with Side Effects but -_- this is overloading my brain…

Get both.

Maybe (just maybe) take a day or two away from the forums and throw what you have and see if you really need another yoyo… Take some time to become one with your trick and all…

Come back refreshed…

Drank some aloe ( best refreshing drink ever). Okay… Would you guys pick Y-factor or Gnarwhal ( if it comes to a draw I will get the Y-factor and save up for a gnarly whal XD)

Y-factor. But you won’t like my reason: it’s because I’ve never played one. LOL! Seriously, though, so many people love their Y-factors because they claim it has that certain “magic” that’s somewhat independent of performance. Every time someone says that, it makes me want one more. I dig the Gnarwhal (a lot!) but it doesn’t hold any magic for me.

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I’ll sleep and see if I get better ( I feel so tired since I had a long day of school,stress at home, and studying for algebra)… I dunno why they let me a 7th grader do 8th grade math -_-

Because you were an a student in 6th grade math… lol.

How about you make one thread, “CLYW penguins recommendation thread” and ask all your auestions there! Geez man thats a forum record, more than 10 recommendation threads a week! -_-

He is the second mrodd…

eh? Well I keep having questions so yeah. I know you prefer a gnarwhal over everything so I wont ask.

You should ask!

 the reason i like the gnarwhal is due to its full sized stabitity and long spin times. Comfy somewhat organic shape. A very easy to like yoyo, and perfect for a short small handed thrower (no offense).

The dietz, on the other hand is a GREAT throw. But its shape and lightness make it a very unique, dare i say hard to like yoyo. Weird shape, very fast.

I have little experice with the y factor, but it was an ok yoyo when i tried it. nothing special.
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I’d go Dietz, with the Gnarwhal a close second… I really like the Gnarwhal though

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Lol I’m a 7th grader in 10th grade math lol…

I would chose Yfactor or Dietz. To me, the YFactor appeals more, the design looks very crisp and clean.

I would jump on the Yfactor, never really liked my Dietz.

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