Gnarwhal or DIETZ

I love the play styles of my summit and puffin and want a cool throw. I like undersized (50-52 mm) and I like spin time. I do a lot of whips so I need an easy catch zone. They’re the same width so I’m not worried about space. I just would like to know how they stack up cuz I want both and can’t decide. I’m a semi floaty semi stable guy so nothing to extreme in terms if floatiness or stability.
Hope you guys can help.

I would say the GNARWHAL fits the bill a little better for you. It feels like a full sized yoyo shrunk down to GNARWHAL size and has a mixture or stability and floatiness. But the dietz on the other hand feels like an undersized yoyo and it was made with that in mind which ultimately results in a drop less spin time but is more speedy and agile. As always it’s what you prefer…

Hope that helped

Go for an angle. It’s the best undersized throw and I didn’t think either of those were that excellent. The Dietz is faster but I much prefer the shape of the gnarwhal and the feel of it on the string

thanks to both of you. The angle is just a bit out of my price range being that I want string and response and a bearing with my next order. So you guys are voting the gnarwhal currently?

Yeah I’d say the gnarwhal as well. I don’t really like the shape of the dietz in my hand.

If those are your two options I vote Gnarwahl as well. The Dietz is/was my least favorite throw from One Drop. I don’t have the largest hands and generally prefer mid-to-undersized throws, but I didn’t enjoy the Dietz. Mine was not very stable and truthfully I just didn’t think it was very fun. The Gnarwahl, on the other hand, really does play like a shrunken Sasquatch, which it should since it pretty much is one. It’s a solid, all around performer. I’m going to go pick mine up right now, as a matter of fact!

Against my better judgment since I haven’t played a Dietz to compare, I’m going to mention that I don’t think the Gnarwhal is anything special. I don’t know if the Dietz is any “better” (all things being relative! Clearly people who have tried both prefer the Gnarwhal!), but I’ve thrown small yoyos which I much prefer. Not all are currently available (SPYY Supra, for example), but the Gnarwhal isn’t worth my money.

take a look at the minute or dibase 2 as well since those are rather cheap and undersized

Also the kestrel is undersized but I have no idea what to think of it

I much prefer the Dietz. I find it really stable for an undersized. It’s not especially floaty, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a rock on a string. Only played a Gnarwhal briefly and it didn’t do too much for me.

Based on your preferences, you’d probablylike the gnarwhal better, but I havent tried one myself… i have tried a diez however, and i LOVE it, awesome undersized, really fits my preferences… it’s pretty stable, and is really fast, which I love… But it’s all preferences, I think you’d like the gnarwhal more, unless you like fast throws, then I would say the dietz.

The cascade is always good, a little on the floaty side, but not super floaty, and not super undersized.