Gnarwhal vs Dietz?

Just contemplating a new undersized purchase, and wanting to hear some opinions. As far as undersized goes, I currently own a Di Base, a G-Funk, and a Cafe Racer. If you can make any comparisons that would be great.

Thanks in advance! :wink:

the two throws and the dibase play diffrent and have difrent uses, but for a best bang out of you buck i say dibase. if you want nice and fancy go gnarwhal, if you want a onedrop dietz.

but if i have to pick one of them i would go for a dibase since i fits my prefernce

For how small it feels and its diameter, the dietz is way too wide for me. I really hated mine, and it is too light I think. The gnarwhal is very slow but pretty fun, the di base is pretty good on the other hand, and the second version looks great! Really I wouldnt get any 3, but if you must get one of those get the di base, or 2 if you can.


The Dietz seems to be a hate it or love it kind of throw. I’m not so sure I want to take that risk, although lightness doesn’t tend to bother me. A yoyo feeling awkwardly wide for its diameter does bother me quite a bit though. The Gnarwhal seems like I can’t go wrong with it, but I’ve heard so many differing opinions on how exactly it plays. I’ve heard that its dense, heavy, and slow and then I turn around and here that its fast and nimble. I understand all of those terms are subjective, but I’d like to hear at least a couple of people come to a consensus on how it feels. >.<’

Here’s my 2 cents on both yoyos. The Dietz is like a party amimal. I personally loved the Dietz and am trading for one now. On the other hand, this yoyo can be wild and must be handled well. Basically, this yoyo just floats quickly to where you want it to go, sometimes people underestimate how fast it gets to its desired location. You just gotta anticipate and play slower than usual. If you play slower just enough to get in a controlled feel, youll be having a blast with it

The Gnarwhal. It really is a great yoyo. For me, it’s semi-floaty: enough to give you that feel but sllid enough to remind you that the yoyo id there. I wouldnt say the gnarwhal is slow. It doesnt take speed quite as well, but that doesnt make it slow. From my experience it can take almost anything you throw at it. The gnarwhal is very precise in my opinion. It really hits exactly where you want it to hit. If you wanted to go fast, not a big problem. It just takes a little extra push

Overall, I would go for the Gnarwhal, mostly because the Dietz is a hit and miss kinda thing. Gnarwhal really hasnt seen much negative feedback and is overall more reliable. But really, both yoyos are really great. Its just you cant really go wrong with the Gnarwhal.

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