I was wondering what is the diffrences of gnarwhal and gnarwhal2

does enybody know when yoyoexpert is going to get gnarwhal2s

please exuse my spelling :slight_smile:

Size, shape, and weight.

Not for a while.

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Original vs Gnarwal2
Diameter Width Weight Gap
52.000 41.000 66.000 4.140
53.200 43.400 65.400 4.160

We can see it’s a touch lighter, yet larger and wider.

When will YYE get them? Let’s just say it may be quite a while. CLYW is re-evaluating things and is going to do direct sales for a while to raise funds for themselves faster and apparently correct what I am guessing is some debt issues that may have been caused by the Yeti. I do wish for the best for CLYW and that their financial situation is resolved soon.

I ordered my Gnarwal 2 direct from CLYW and I believe I will have it tomorrow.

does clyw do any special deals, ever??? ???

they did on black friday 25% off for the first 25 people who bought stuff

awww I missed it :-[

You have a hard time making decisions. Don’t sweat it. If you’re gonna be sticking around, expect to pay “full price” most of the time unless you’re cruising BST on a daily basis.

Enjoy the Phenom and Speeder 2 you got. Good stuff. If you dislike them, I’ll buy them.

I’ve only been playing with it since yesterday (Monday 12/2/13) but the Gnarwahl 2 is hands down the yoyo surprise of the year. Steve Brown was correct in his brief statement about “why aren’t more people talking about the Gnarwahl 2?” More people SHOULD be talking about the Gnarwahl 2. To say it outperforms the original Gnarwahl is correct. It’s better than the original in every way. It’s mildly larger. Yes, it’s barely midsized now. That being said, the weight distribution is perfect. It flows through any trick and combo I’ve thrown at the thing and it has so far impressed me more than I could ever have hoped.

The Gnarwahl was never something I really enjoyed. I only held onto mine because I’m a hoarder and can’t really get rid of things well. The Gnarwahl 2 is something I would willingly purchase again and again. It’s that enjoyable.

The Gnarwhal is my 2nd least favorite CLYW after the original BvM (have not thrown a Cliff or Campfire). I tried to like it many times but it was always somewhere around my bottom 10 of throws I’d pick up to throw. I hope the Gnarwhal 2 is as awesome to me as it is to you. Hopefully my new mortal enemy, the mailwoman, will finally bring mine tomorrow.

I hope so as well. It’s hard to explain why I didn’t enjoy the Gnarwahl, but for whatever reason I didn’t. It’s probably also in my bottom 10 throws as well. I love the Avalanche but I prefer mid-sized so realistically I should have loved the Gnarwahl. Somehow it was bland. It worked fine but I found it to be boring and un-remarkable. I hate to say that because I do love CLYW and I collect all of their throws, but the Gnar was something I never enjoyed. When I first heard of the Gnarwahl 2 I wasn’t that ecstatic, but thankfully the reboot serves it well. I hope you enjoy yours. Mine has been in my hand all last night and all day today. I am loving the Gnarwahl 2.