Gnarwhal 2?

I haven’t been hearing much about it, or I haven’t seen it selling very much. Why aren’t a lot of people buying it? If you bought it, how does it play?

I love mine!!!.. Love it!!

Absolutely no clue.

Gotta get to CLYW to get it.

I also haven’t had a chance to play it. I’m fairly well booked up through the first weekend in January so I probably won’t get to it until after January 10th or later.


Light, but it has lots of rim weight … so it feels a little heavier on that first throw … But then once you start playing it, it feels quick and light. Plus it is super stable. Probably one of the most stable CLYw’s we’ve made, and it spins forever. Perfect for learning new tricks, or tearing it up on stage.

Thanks :smiley:

hey Chris which of the new releases turned out the best in your opinion?

I kind of snook in a little play with mine when my mom was gone (suppose to be a christmas present) so… My first impression were WOW. The bump up in width and diameter make it feel perfect in the hand. I’m usually not into solid throws but the Gnar 2 has changed my mind, while it’s solid its so light that it is very quick and has great agility bouncing from string to string.

I may be way off base, but it feels kind of like a pocket BvM2 to me. In other word, really REALLY good.

Sorry I know saying “I love it” does not help much!!! I was on my phone when I commented.

I have now had my Gnarwhal 2 for a good 4 days (got it on Thursday the 5th) I will say that Chris’ comments are dead on. It feels very solid on a throw but moves very quick through the air and that stabiltiy is soooo good!! I owned 3 OG Gnarwhals and it was a yoyo that was in my collection for a LONG time.

For me this IS the yoyo that I had always wanted Chris to make… I had always hoped that a more rim weighted wider Gnarwhal would be epic!!!

I am still in the honeymoon period but I can say this… The more I play it the more I want to play it and the harder it is to put down! I should also add that this thing spins soooo good!!! WOW…

I plan on doing a review at some point in the next few weeks (once I really get a better feel for it)

I hope this helped a bit more than “I love it” :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it still undersized? 50mm?

Midsized at 53mm.

Seconded. I liked the original but this is miles better and crazy stable.

When I picked up mine I also picked up an Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition. I knew I would like the AC2 on specs and looks alone. I was not wrong, it is a tremendous yoyo. I gave the Gnarwhal 2 a shot because I liked the first one, I wasn’t expecting much since it looks quite a bit like the original and honestly I didn’t think Chris could improve on an such a good mid size throw… I have never been so wrong when it comes to yoyos.

I am also still in the honeymoon period, I got mine on Dec. 5th as well. In the time that I had it I can say the spins are incredible and it rock solid stable on the string giving some of the smoothest gyro flops I have ever pulled off. This is the yoyo I have been using to follow along with Charles’ tutorial for Spaceship.

The size increase, while ever so slight, has been the real treat. It does feel quite a bit better in my hand. It is funny, of the two yoyos that arrived last week, the AC2 was the one I was truly excited about… yet the Gnarwhal 2 is the one I can’t put down at the moment. :slight_smile:

Haha thanks! It just seems that everyone is going after the AC 2 and the Puffin 2 and the Bonfire and I hardly hear about the Gnarwhal 2. This review makes me want to get one for christmas even MORE!!!

Yeah, I ordered the Yeti, AC2 and Gnarwhal 2. I knew I’d like the AC2 since I liked everything about the specs and the yoyos it took its characteristics from (I was right). The Yeti I thought there was a decent chance I’d like but at the end of the day it was still just going to be a plastic so I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed as I was with the Rally. The Gnarwhal 2 I hoped I’d like but I honestly had prepared myself to be utterly disappointed in it since the original Gnarwhal was not the yoyo for me. Now my AC2 is sitting in a case and my Gnarwhal 2 and Yeti are sitting on my desk getting thrown constantly.