Gnarwhal 2!

Hello people just wanted to make a post about the Gnarwhal 2! The Gnarwhal was supposed to be my first CLYW but I ended up getting something else so I’m kind of excited about this. The shape is amazing and with the “update” it should play great! Heres a quote from the CLYW Website.

"Here’s the first look at the redesigned Gnarwhal!

I felt the Gnarwhal was a perfect size and shape, but it needed an update to keep up with our new models. Adding some more rim weight would increase those spin times and make it more stable. So I revised the design and made it a hair wider, and the walls were optimized for maximum rim weight and strength. The weight was kept around 65.5g, making it perfect for speed and nimble enough for plane breaking tricks. The catch zone is a little wider as well to make it easier to fly through tricks without having to worry about missing a string.

I’m really happy with what we came up with: the Gnarwhal 2 is perfect for competition and can keep that spin going while learning those more advanced Cabin Tutorials.

Full specs and release info coming soon.


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So excited. Can’t wait to get one. Also can’t wait to get one of chucks sig!!!

Hmm I wonder when it will be announced. Did he have any protos at Worlds?

Good thing CLYW did this. Maybe this throw will make up for my hate for the gnarwal.

Some people including my self like the Gnarwhal. I am excited for this as long as it remains undersized.

Hopefully they keep it undersized unlike the bvm2

Hopefully this means there could be a Sasquatch 2!

If you read it it says it says all of its the same just slightly wider for a bigger catch zone and more weight on the rims. Two things that will significantly alter the play of a yoyo.

I hope they put the clareview station blizzard on it that I designed. Tht would be soooo coooool

Really looking forward to this one :slight_smile: I have been trying to get more clyw in my collection

I remember when the Gnarwhal came out…it was a HUGE leap forward for CLYW throws…i was all about peaks until that came out and ushered in this new era of CLYW. I am sure this thing will be amazing! =)

Is the Gnarwhal the longest lived CLYW ever made?

It seems like the original Bear Vs. Man or maybe Wooly Marmot had a longer run time in years. I remember YYE got one last batch of original BvMs probably within the last two years or so…and those lighter Marmots came out last year, probably. But the Gnarwahl is close I imagine.

This was also supposed to be my first CLYW. However I caved in and got an AC instead.

So excited for this though.

Fairly sure BvM and Marmots had a longer run than the Gnarwhal. Gnarwhal/Sasquatch released at the same time and the Gnarwhal is technically discontinued so even the Sasquatch has been out longer, although it has certainly had fewer releases and has less of a following than basically any other CLYW.

I like the Sasquatch :stuck_out_tongue: