CLYW 2014 gnarwhal review

In 2010, Chris unveiled the original gnarwhal to the world as an undersized sasquatch. Like the latter, It was well received, and like most caribou throws, sold like wildfire. For 2014, Chris modernized the classic sasquatch shape for todays’ play and thickened the rims. This fall, with another run of the Gnarwhal coming, is it worth your $135?


In the cup, the Gnarwhal 2 looks very much like its predecessor, but this year includes much thicker rims, increasing spin time and power. The classic flat CLYW hub is retained, and The grooves on the floor and the rims are present, complements of the Avalanche/Sasquatch.

In the gap, the same shape is retained, though Chris has made the Gnarwhal 2 much more low walled.
Classic Comfort, Modern shape.


The new Gnarwhal plays extremely well. Caribou Lodge has taken the fun and mid-sized original Gnarwhal, and improved speed, horizontal play, and spin time. The new Gnarwhal 2 is very agile, and moves from string to string very easily. It suits my sorta Jensen Kimmitt-esque hop style. It suits my play style very well. The stock CLYW bearing today is very sub-par. All four of mine are pretty loud and screechy compared to a CTX or 10-ball. The lodge should definitely bring back the CTX of yesteryear, the break-in time is worth it.

Anodizing and Grinds

The Gnarwhal 2 is treated to the usual and excellent CLYW bead blast. All grinds are top notch except for the increasingly popular ‘Finger Spins’. The traditional CLYW hub gets in the way. The Gnarwhal comes in many different ano jobs and they are all very good. My Fire Blizzard Variant looks wonderful.

Thrower Experience

Without a doubt, the Gnarwhal 2 lives up to the hype of the original and makes it better in every way. When you buy this throw, you get the assembled-in-Canada ethos, top-notch CLYW quality control, and great customer service. The gnarwhal 2 is one of the best speedy mid-sized throws on the market today.

Bump. Thoughts?

the second picture is oddly reminiscent of some c3.
hows the horizontal spin time? Its the only thing I feel my AC2 is lacking in

Decent, but my horizontal is limited to some extent. I have an AC2 coming on thursday so I can compare it for you.

Nice review, I happened to be very interested in the gnarwal 2 :D… do you think that the Gnar 2 is less suited for speedy play than the original due to more focus on rim weight than center weight?

No, the speed has been considerably ramped up. It can go as fast as I can go.

Man, I NEED this yo-yo :O…

last bump

if you have got the ac2 how does it compare

the Ac2 is much more long spinning and stable, but the gnarwhal is much more comfortable and smalle . Speed is around equal. I really don’t like the ac2, it’s too uncomfortable and the cup is rather ugly. I prefer the original.