Gnarwhal Review!

Lets get started
Today I will be reviewing The CLYW Gnarwhal. Hope you enjoy the review.

Let me chuck some specs in yo face!

Diameter: 52.0 mm
Width: 41.4 mm
Gap Width: 4.10 mm
Weight: 66.0 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Flowable Silicone

Alright lets start with the packaging (that’s where all the cool kids start).
This package will be familiar to all current and former CLYW owners as a brown cardboard box. The difference of course is the design emblazoned on the front, this one being none other than the Jedi of the sea, the narwhal. Doing, of course, what narwhal’s do… skewering a sausage. This design brought to you by Jensen Kimmitt (look him up).

sorry about crappy pic, blame crappy camera.

Now it’s time to take it out of the package. Woooooo!
The Gnarwhal I purchased was the pink purple acid wash w/engraving (I both appreciate CLYW’s acid wash look and Kimmitt’s art so this fit nicely), needless to say the anodization is a big ol’ hunk of bead blasted perfection. Anyone who’s owned a CLYW before knows they are as much art pieces as they are spinning metal tethered projectiles.

Well it’s an undersized yo-yo, but it’s large for an undersized yo-yo…if that makes any sense. Bigger than an 888 but not heavier than an 888, it definitely feels bigger than an 888. Fits nicely in my over sized hand, which is unusual for an undersized throw. The flowable silicone looks like it was poured by a machine, it’s perfect, and offers tight snappy binds. There’s a small lump in the gap near the silicone, I understand this is to prevent the sides of the gap from closing suicides (more on this later). The bearing is a standard size C bearing, the one in my Gnarwhal is very quiet out of the box, not dead silent, but quiet enough to keep from annoying your co-workers with your hobby. :slight_smile:

pictured next to GIANT puppy (for comparison)

Well how’s it play?
More solid than you might think, I only make this point first because it is not your standard floaty CLYW, the only other CLYW I’ve had the opportunity to throw is the BvM and that was, despite being heavier, a much more floaty yo-yo. From what I’ve heard most of the other CLYW yo-yo’s are even floatier still. It’s not a lead weight, it’s just not floating around like many of it’s predecessors. It’s lightweight but without very much hang-time, is the best way I can describe it, think SPYY Addiction if you’ve ever gotten to play with one.

It’s definitely competition worthy. It’s fast, changes direction as faster than you can think about it, it’s stable and has quite a decent spin time. It does have a minimal amount of vibe, like barely noticeable even if its hanging on your thumbnail, but definitely there (I’ve thrown three of them so I don’t think it’s an anomaly). Personally I don’t mind a small amount of vibe, lets you know it’s still spinning.

This thing sure is suicidal for such a beautiful throw. It’s not the best suicide machine I’ve ever used but it’s second only to the ILYY Fury (which makes more sense considering what a big ugly beast that yo-yo is). Slacks and whips are a bit more difficult for lack of float, but certainly not impossible. The bead blasting makes for silky smooth grinding. I watched my friend transfer a grind from his finger to the rim of his pocket, to his finger, to his other pocket, and back to his finger, and still had enough spin to do a tight bind. This was by no means a race against the clock.

Well that’s the Gnarwhal, a piece of art and a capable competitor. Certainly worth the price tag, as long as you’re not looking for something that will float right off the string.

Also, first review, let me know how I did. :smiley:


One of the best reviews I have read. :wink:

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Great review!!

I was gonna pick one of the puppies up but the $115 price tag was a little hefty. I ordered myself a Crucial half and half, I’ll write a review when I get it :smiley:

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Thanks for the feed back, you guys are too kind :slight_smile:

I’m going to be dead honest, that was one of the best reviews i have ever read… i loved it.

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this is a really good review.

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nice review and I WANT YOUR DOG

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That review is awesome, and one of the best I have read. I can see that you spent time on that review and did a great job! I hope you write more in the future!!!

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I’m glad you guys like it. I’m thinking about adding my drop to the bucket of Protostar reviews. Plus because I live so close to the yoyo museum in Chico (Augie works there, I spend about 4 to 6 hours a week there) I may be able to review some of the dozens of other yo-yos I’ve gotten to play with.

cute dog! and really nice review

Does anyone know what the difference is between one that has the engraving on it and one that doesn’t?

That is the only difference as far as I can tell. Many CLYW yoyos come with or without engravings based only on Caribou Chris’s preference. No difference in size weight or play.

What about value?

OOhhh MY epic review, pictures are still good and the description is just…undescribable !!! GREAT REVIEW!! 10 OUTA 10

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You realize this is a really old thread and he probably doesn’t look at it anymore.

Naw, it still shows up in my “replies to my posts” area.

I believe the value is the same between the engraved ones and the unengraved, I think you’re more likely to find a difference between the different colourways I.E. 28 stories gnar might fetch more than a plain black gnar.