A couple of first impressions about the CLYW Gnarwhal

Hello all. I got my Gnarwhal in the mail a little earlier today, and I wanted to share some quick first impressions of it.

The finish is beautiful. This my first experience with the CLYW splash (unless you count the maple drip on my Peak,which is also beautiful) and let me tell you it is just amazing to see such rich color put together in such an awesome way. I got the blue w/ yellow splash edition and I must say the pictures here on yye do it not nearly enough justice.

I really like the feel of my first undersized yoyo. It has a very familiar profile(cough…SEVERE…cough) but in a much smaller package. I like that.

The way it plays is very different from any other CLYW that i have tried. Where the other CLYW’s are very floaty, this yoyo plays very smoothly but hits the sting hard and fast.

There is no IRG. This makes me sad.

In terms of speed and styles this yoyo takes it all and still preforms as good as you would think it would. I tried really flowy slacks and it handles those easily. Then I did my best Mickey impression and it still held stable and flowed through the tricks with ease(sort of)

like my other CLYW’s, it played pretty responsive out of the box, but became less responsive on every throw.

Like most CLYW’s it has an amazing beadblast finish, perfect for grinds.

over all I have one simple thing to say about the Gnarwhal:

Get it if you have the money.

Even if you are a huge fan of full sized yoyos( like me), the Gnarwhal is still a great buy. In my opinion it truly does live up to the title of the best CLYW to date. If you REALLY like oversized yoyos I would say to wait for the larger Sasquatch to come out, as it looks to be another awesome release.

I just got mine today. Got it from yoyoguy (who didn’t give me any shipping tracking number, nor returned any of my calls). I got the green edition. The laser finish of the gnarwal is really cool. They say it has “a gnarwal engraved on both sides” but the other side they dont show is actually just the horn of the gnarwal holding a hotdog or something (i think this is much cooler though, it was a nice surprise). My first impression was that i loved the shape, and for me this is my biggest yoyo to date besides for my PGM. I felt it was heavy at first and did hit the strings hard, I’m not sure if thats because im used to undersized yoyos but i got used to it fast. This is going to be my main throw for a while. Oh and this is my first CLYW. Lovin it. curious as to how the bearing will act. It sounds like the YYF SPEC so far. Those are all my thoughts.