CLYW Gnarwhal Review


Hey guys, I just recievied a brand new Gnarwhal in the mail last week. I was so jazzed about it coming. I opened the box to see a Ok looking CLYW Gnarehwal. I got the Jack o Lantern one, and it really didn’t stand out to me in terms of looks.

I slapped on a Kitty string ready to be wowed and… I really feel let down. I have played with multiple CLYWs, all amazing and dead smooth, but this one was quite vibey, and really had not so great spin times. I thought I would have to break the bearing in and pads, but after a WEEK of vigorus play I feel as if I got ripped $120. Now, I wouldn’t be complaing about vibe because it usually never bothers me, but I feel as if I bought a beat DM2. Has anyone else had problems with their new run Gnarwhal?


Where’d you get it from? If from YYE, then email Andre. He’s an amazing guy, I’m sure he can figure something out. Chris makes good yoyos, yours just might have been damaged in transit.


Pretty much what Locust said. Get in contact with Andre and/or Chris. One of them will help sort this out for you.



I’m not feeling too good about the Gnarwal I just ordered. It will probably ship tomorrow and I’ll get it Monday or Tuesday. I hope I get lucky. I’ve been hearing lots of not as favorable stuff on this run of Gnarwals.


Thats not i want to hear… I’m waiting on mine right now…


Received my Clareview Station last night. Swapped in a G-String. Bit of wobble on first throw. Bit less on second. Nearly perfect on third. Then perfect.

This is a smaller spin top, and requires an honest throw. It’s just not going to be as forgiving as a Chief. I have also found that snow tires need a bit more play then other responses I’ve tried to start playing up to their potential. A thinner string for the first few weeks has done the trick for me.

Here…let me see how it’s doing this morning…

…back. Ok, so it is definitely dependent on a good throw. I’m able to work out 99% of the vibe after a mediocre throw with three taps of my finger nail. I think that has to be the response being a bit catchy on an imperfect throw. And the Center Trac is a bit noisy. Between the two, I think it should work itself out in a day or two. I’ll be interested in your experience, Studio42. It’s starting off like my Arctic Circle did, and that’s scary dead smooth now. So I’m optimistic.

ps. If you asked my how I liked my Nessie the night I got it, I’d say I worshiped it. Second night…worse than a Metal Drifter. Now…an everyday play that is mid pack in my humble collection. So please don’t take this post as a review, but rather a first impression.

(Jerrod) #7



I noticed something with the snowtires on my Gnar. I have an earlier run that came with flowable. When I replaced it with the snowtimes they did not sit flush they were slightly lifted similair to a Turning Point. The Gnar has a smaller gap. If you look at the newer CLYW the snowtires are a little recessed in the gap so they are less snaggy and will allow more sleep time. I had to install a KK in my Gnar to get a decent sleep time (never a problem with the flowable) Now I do like the snowtires but they need a lot of break in time. Especially on the Gnarwhal. Even on the site pics of the cross section you cenn soo the snowtires sticking out a bit. My Gnar now plays delightfull and sleeps forever but it took some time to get the tires broken in!!!


Ok…update. It’s been a few days now. While the Gnarwhal still has a bit of vibe on a mediocre throw, it’s gotten smoother and smoother. I had Andre give it a throw today, and there was ZERO vibe. Seriously glass smooth. So, it’s definitely down to my throw…and the spin top is becoming more forgiving very quickly. And it’s just a joy to play. Again, it’s not as forgiving as a Chief. It is, however, SO comfortable in hand. Just a pleasure.



Mine’s got some vibe aswell. Not much, though more than i’d like from a brand new CLYW. Played it for an hour now. Should i ask for a return or try to play it more and see if it smooths out?


Gonna be a while before I get my Gnarwal. It’s being held at my request at YYE HQ, and they are honoring my request. I’m in no hurry to receive it, I have so much other new stuff that came in that I haven’t gotten to, and despite that, I’m prioritizing 2A with my Unleashed yoyos at the moment.

I’m waiting for the Puffin to arrive, or maybe something else. Trying to save on shipping.

My thoughts are I don’t always have to be first, but I do like to ensure I take measures to secure the stuff I want.


So what’s the story here? Are the recent Gnarwhals not up to par? Does anyone else have any info? I have a blue w/silver splash Gnarwhal from the previous run last winter, and it’s one of my favorite CLYW throws. I’m concerned over some of these comments.

And in response to comments about the snow tires, I agree. They’re super grippy at first. Remember to take off the paper backing first though, otherwise they definitely stick out. And then I had to play mine quite a bit to wear those snow tires in. But now that they are, they’re awesome. Snow tires are super convenient, but still, nothing is better than flowable silicone to me.


They are fine… The design will not allow the Snow Tires to recess so that you will get that extra grabby feel untill the pads are worn in. Once the pads are worn in its a beast…
I have played two different Gnarwhal’s from this run and they both were fine!!!


Both of my Gnarlies have sili, but I got a FG Chief recenlty and one of the pads actually stuck out a little further than the other, which caused some vibe. Switching to a thinner string definitely helps, as well as doing some really hard binds to break the tires in. The pad that stuck out too far is actually wearing down near the top and near the bearing which shows to me that it was sticking out and causing vibe as it rubbed on the string. Broken in it plays awesome and is just as smooth as my other Chiefs. I could see this being the same thing that’s happening to these new Gnarwhals, but it should work out once the response breaks in.