CLYW Gnarwhal Peoples Review

I am looking at buying a gnarwhal, but I’d like to see what other people think of it. So I would like people to rate the following catagories on a scale of 1 to 10, and other yoyos that you personally think are better please suggest to me.

The catagories are:
Spin Time
Total Score

9.7 great player
9.0 engraved
9.1 my fav throw

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Spin time 9- I never run out of spin for my combos
Playability 8.5- great player feels great in the hand, but mine is a little responsive but it might just be mine
Looks 9.5- i love my wolverine color way but the specked and engraved ones look great to
Total 9- definatly my best throw

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Probably responsive because you have to clean your bearing.

clyw bearings come precleaned

Wear the response in its because it has such a big sili gap and its not recessed


I hear the gnarwhal is great but I never tried one

I’ve heard they are pretty good too, and i’ve always wanted to have a CLYW yoyo.

Wait till you put a OD 10 ball in it. Amazing with it- the stock bearing is fine, but I just put a 10 ball in mine and you will notice an improvement hands down. A super yoyo just got better.

Gnarwals are just amazing.
A little responsive out of the box, but a day or two wearing the silicone in fixed it quick.
I still like my Marmot, but the Gnarwal is definently a very well rounded yoyo.

Amen to that

Im getting one soon

I’m buying another ;D
My second favorite throw is my Marmot, then ministar. I gota find a Hatrick!