Diamond back vs Gnarwhal


I can’t decide diamond back or gnarwhal. I’m ordering tonight so help would be wonderful :slight_smile:


Im guessing most will say gnarwhal because they havent tried a diamondback :smiley:


Gnarwal sucks.

Get a Diamondback.


I love and have every CLYW and while the Gnarwahl is a great throw it is my least played CLYW. The Diamondback is amazing. I also vote Diamondback. It’s overlooked cuz it’s a YYJ and not “rare” like a CLYW or super pricey like a YYR or Turning Point or something, but it’s a totally amazing throw.


Now that’s opinion.

Saying that it sucks is really harsh.

Why not just say that it wasn’t to your preference instead of bashing?


My only CLYW is a gnarwhal I like it alot, but I wouldn’t compete with it. the gnarwhal I find is my relaxed chill throw. I would also consider my favorite throw the H3X by yoyojam



My OPINION is that the Gnarwal sucks.

Edit: Btw, i’m not trying to be mean. It’s kinda hard to type out the way of saying something is all.


Really it just comes down to the specs on each yoyo. They’re both very good and play smooth but if you want something smaller and more organic get the gnarwhal otherwise get the diamondback. Right now it seems the diamond back is more popular and seems to be reatining it’s value pretty well which is suprising since most yoyojhams don’t so you could trade it more easily if you don’t like it I think.


Diamondback is better for competition and all around play.

Gnarwhal is better for undersized throwers.



I played the Diamondback and I intend to get one.

Gnarwal sucks? Not in the least. But it’s a different shape, size, weight and weight distribution than the Diamondback. They aren’t an exact like for like comparison.

I have two Gnarwals. For some reason it’s the CLYW I reach for the most often. I’m more into full sized stuff, but this is one that I like a lot.

I rarely try to say a yoyo sucks. There is an increasing number that I don’t like. I just assume that an yoyo I don’t like is just a matter of it not working well with my preferences.

Which to get? Do you like full size or something in the smaller side? Let that make your decision.


You already asked me :stuck_out_tongue:

But you guys know what my answer is.


HEY… You gotta try the gnarwhal first :wink:


There were 2 Gnarwals in my case of wonders at BAC. He has no excuse!!

Well, actually, he does. He was busy doing other things while I was handling audio.