should i save my money 4 a gnarwhal or get something else to add to my collection.

depends, what do you like in a yoyo. if you think the gnarwhal is perfect specs for you, then of course. i for one would wait for the ministar if i didn’t already get it. what do you have in your collection now, because you know CLYW will release a new eddition soon enough of the gnarwhal

It’s whatever your preferences tell you, and if you like it, good choice! Like I know for me it would be. :wink:

the gnarwal is AMAZING!!! best yoyo i have played.

preference… and wrong section… :wink:

Gnarwal is a great yoyo, but some people like it, some don’t. Depends on what you like, aka, your preferences.

i think its what i should get. i have a dv888 a pgm a speed dial and a 888x and hopefully soon a gnarwhal :smiley: