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Should I trade my gnarwhal for a 07 g5 a boss and 2 free hands

there will be different of opinions, answers to ur post…

heres the thing do you like the other guys yoyo???.. and you don’t like ur yoyo anymore???

heres what i do if i see something i like… no matter what the value is… if its lesser or greater
as long as i am satisfied…



Gnarwhal, FTW!! Gnarwhals are awesome yoyos. You can trade it if you want, but don’t you want to have at least one Gnarwhal in your collection? So, I wouldn’t get rid of my gnarwhal, but everyone’s opinion is different, and I hear great things about the G5 and Boss.

Well, if you look at the price side, you should trade it, as both G5 and BOSS are some very good high end metals. But They’re YYF, really, you should keep at least 1 CLYW yoyo in your collection. It’s nice to have a yoyo of another great brand. Not saying that YYF is bad, but that YYF has a bigger range and not as “scarce” as CLYW.

I personally don’t like trading down. Plus, it will be much harder to trade the g5/boss if you ever get tired of them. Gnarwal carries more trading clout than what you being offered.

i will buy the gnarwhal from you or anyone for that matter