Is This a Good Deal?

NOTE: Before reading, please note I have 8 yoyos and I have never owned a CLYW and really want one.

Someone has offered me black with green speckles Wooly Marmot (newest run) for my G5, Nova, Pro-Z, POPstar, and Fiesta XX. Do you think it’s a good deal? The G5 has a few unfeelable scratches and no hubstack o rings, the Nova is mirror polished and has like one scuff, the POPstar has a rough-ish ding one one side (I sanded it down) and a anno breaking line on the other (unnoticeable). The Pro-Z is mint but only has one response pad, and the Fiesta XX has offstring marks on the rims. Now I don’t like the idea of trading away almost my whole collection. What do you think?

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What would you trade them for?

A black with green speckle Wooly Marmot

ask him if he has any deal sweetners or yoyos he can add on his part, something small :smiley:

So you think it’s a good deal otherwise? Because I’m really not sure about trading over half my collection for one yoyo.

Thats a good deal

Hmm, seems a bit much to trade for one yo yo. Also, looking at the values of the yo yos you are trading (albeit they are used) they still add up to probably more than what you are trading for. Also, you have a lot of variety in your collection all ready, z stacks, small, offstring, mod spacers, and radical shapes. I’m not seeing the “good deal” in this personally. While the wooly marmot is a great throw but I personally don’t find this to be a good deal. It is ultimately your decision but I would suggest looking on the BST for another marmot. Just my opinion

Doesn’t sound that great to me.

Maybe the G5 OR Nova, and then the Fiesta XX OR PopStar. The ProZ isn’t much of a deal sweetener, but that might be what you have to do.

Granted, CLYW"s aren’t in amazing numbers, but even so, that doesn’t mean you gotta give up the proverbial “arm and a leg”.

Worst case, G5 OR Nova(not both) and you might have to bundle the Fiesta XX and Popstar into that. I’m not interested in the Nova, may be the G5 and NOT the Popstar. That doesn’t mean they don’t have value. These are all really good items.

I didn’t even notice you put nova up there. I retract what I say based on that alone. One of the metals is fine.

Marmots are okay but not great.

Ok I’ll try that but someone offered the guy a chief so I’m next in line now

I agree, in my opinion I am not seeing a good deal here.

This doesn’t seem like the kind of trade most clyw owners would make check feedback etc. End of the day it’s your trade if you are ok having less that’s alright.

Someone offered him a chief for a WM?

I think the other end is claiming that so he can force the trade and get the package deal.

If you would like to ask Yoyoripp you can. I have decided to trade with him. I wanted all those yoyos to give to my friends who don’t have any.

There goes the chief…

That’s what I was wondering

It’s not my problem. Just, when you someone offered a Chief for the WM(not a fair trade either, a bit in favor of the person receiving the Chief) that my BS-o-Meter pegged red.

Your trade, your deal. I hope you like it. The WM is a great throw, but I wouldn’t have given up that much for it.

Would you have traded a POPstar, Fiesta XX, G5, and ProtoStar?

No way it may have bin a good yoyo but that is a lot of yo-yos to trade for just one if all of the yo-yos were traded that is a really bad deal if there were cash with it I might have done it