Is This a Good Deal?

Dont trade it may be a popular yoyo but with all the the yoyos for the trade you could do better

I tried a Popstar not too long ago. I hated it, to be honest with you. I couldn’t reasonably expect more than $15 via BST.

A Fiesta XX, to me, in near mint, via BST, ain’t worth more than $15 to me, which for a $22 yoyo, isn’t unreasonable. In box, $18 at best.

Protostar, $20-25 mint in box at best.

G5: at $90, take 15% off for depreciation just for it leaving the store. $76.50 at best. I’ll round up to $77.

WM new: $120(wow, really? Hmm, I didnt pay that much even via BST). Again, 15% off, new mint in the box: $102. Granted, the CLYW stuff holds value better, but those are the numbers I use and how I determine value.

Depending on condition of the items, G5+ Protostar is darn near fair value trade. You might have to toss in something else small to bump it, but that would be it. This is assuming mint stuff.

In the end, if both parties are happy, that’s all that matters. Trades are a strange beast. People assign interesting values to yoyos, and they’ll drop prices below what they could go for if they are looking to unload stuff.

I prefer to BUY. I’d say “$100 shipped” and see what happens. But that’s me. And I have a WM. 28 stories. Beautiful!

I agree

Plus if he offered a wooly mammoth for all those yo-yos he should have given you a little bit more on that dudes half plus it also depends if you want those yo-yos

retail value, not real value.

Wooly marmot- about 110ish

Popstar- 10 bucks
Fiesta- 10 bucks
G5-40-50 bucks
protostar- 20 bucks.

at most, the Marmot still exceeds all of the yoyos listed in actual value.

Trade is done. Wooly marmot for g5, fiesta xx, protostar.

IMO that’s a pretty horrible deal. I mean I think the wooly marmot is way overrated it really doesn’t play that well in my opinion but that’s just me.

That’s incredibly biased and opinionated. As far as values go, the trade is not bad at all.

I was playing my WM yesterday and re-discovering how enjoyable it is for me to play.

But that’s just my worthless opinion.

Hey what’s the big deal about wooly mammoths any way cause it don’t own one or ever felt one work!!!

You have to play one to know.

But, then again, I’d strongly recommend you play most stuff before you buy, especially at those prices.

CLYW is definitely premium stuff.

Got it yesterday and am loving it…

Don’t want to be picky or like annoying, but just to let you know, you are consistently saying wooly mammoth, not wooly marmot…

I was getting real ocd about that too


Chris, how in the world do “…you play most stuff before you buy…?” Every yo-yo I have ever purchased that was of competitive calibur was purchased right here at YoYoExpert. André absolutely refuses to drive to Iowa to let me try before I buy. I don’t know of any retail outlet in my neck of the woods that offers anything beyond the scope of a Yomega Maverick or Dash. (And even then the store is not going to allow you to open the package to try it out.) How could anyone test drive a CLYW before taking the plunge? I’m not being snippy, I just don’t know who has the opportunity to try out high-end throws before buying.

Ah, you’re calling me out, eh?

Just kidding. You want the honest truth, so you’re going to get it. It’s a fair question, and one I’m glad I can answer.

My objective with yoyo is personal enjoyment. This collection thing kinda sorta came out of that. Most stuff I have, I have not tried before I bought it. I shop by eye and extrapolate from reviews what I can to figure what I may or may not like. Oddly enough, I’ve got absolutely zero interest in Anti-Yo. I don’t put limits on shapes, sizes, weights, material, but I sometimes have to ease off based on price. I also have people I talk with frequently whose opinions I trust. Chris Allen of YoYoSkills is one, the staff of YYC is another. I would also trust advice from Andre because he doesn’t seem to give me the impression that he’s gonna push a brand because that’s his job, he seems to like to want to match player to yoyo.

But, since I’m in this for fun, pleasure and enjoyment and NOT competition, I don’t place restrictions upon myself. Sometimes I buy simply because “I want to”.

Elephark said “get a Peak”, so I did. Thanks!

As far as CLYW specifically is concerned, the only one I’ve tried before I bought was A Chief, and now I have a Chief. I think others I had the luxury of trying before I decided has been the YYF SuperStar, Madhouse Epic and SPYY Solaris. I’ve gotten to try other stuff before I bought, but in many cases it was low-priced stuff I had my mind set on anyways.

Stuff I’ve tried but aren’t purchased yet: Werrd Irony and I have to wait to get one. A Compulsion? You best believe I need one now!

One thing that I do is when I go to meets, I bring the collection out, which reminds me I need to make some more cases as I’m “above capacity” at the moment. This isn’t to “show off”, although it is to a certain extent. The real purpose is that there’s a lot of kids that go to some of these meets who have their eyes and hearts set on top dollar premium throws. Already, many parents are “uh, why do these things cost so darn much” and even being near their age, without being IN it, it’s difficult to justify. Letting kids, and heck, other people in general, try out my stash of throws lets them make a qualified decision now, rather than “oh, I want this, I want this”, now they can play one and then they can say “Yes, I do in fact want this” or “you know, it really wasn’t what I was expecting”. If someone can make the opportunity happen, why not take advantage of it? I don’t mind throwing my DM2 while some kid is trying out my AC or Chief or a Peak or my Code 1 or 54 or something else. Last thing a parent wants to do is drop big coin on a throw and the kid doesn’t like it. Kids don’t have the same opportunities to earn money as easily as a “grown up” does, so they gotta save up hard for a yoyo. I’d hate to see one of these kids buy a premium throw and then end up not enjoying it, then losing some of that money on a BST sale and then having to make up the rest and trying again.

I make myself available. I throw frequently with another user here, theroybit. He knows I have an “open case” policy. He can, will and does take any yoyo of mine he feels like playing and will use it and from time to time borrows one or two. I loaned him my SKywalker the day I got it because I knew he wanted to try one out. My son also takes advantage of this policy as well. I think my daughter is getting jealous and is trying to learn to throw better so she can take advantage of this as well. Ever seen a 6 year old throwing a Peak or a Chief or an AC? Me neither, that’s because my son isn’t quite 6 yet! It could be because he’s mostly throwing my M1, Cafe Racer and Campfire.

At meets and contests I run things a big differently. Ask first, as there’s been a couple of kids I’ve had to say “no” to. One guy at a small contest wanted to try my Dietz. He wasn’t sure about it, heard good things about it, and after trying mine, decided it was worth the plunge to get one. At BAC, I had made arrangements with someone to try my Ronin out. After playing it, he decided he didn’t like it all that much.

I went to Redondo beach and let a user on here try my Phenom, KLR(brand new!!), SkyWalker, AC and I think a Code 2. Next time we meet, I’m bringing the whole collection. He needs to try a lot of stuff!

When I go to contests, I have so far been running sound and too busy to throw. I’d love to try more stuff out! The problem is, the more I try, the more I buy. Hmmm, maybe that’s not a bad thing?

I also make myself available via appointment only in case there are nearby players who want to try stuff out.

So, someone has to spend the money. I have it, I spend it. I get it, I enjoy it, and I want to share it with others.

I also do most of my buying from YYE, but hey, I can’t ignore a good deal.

But in summation:
We all know some of this stuff ain’t cheap. It would just be nice if many more of us had the opportunity to be able to get our hands on this stuff before we destroy our bank accounts trying to get it. That is one of the few weak areas in yoyo, the lack of access.

So, I’ll keep buying, enjoying and sharing. Anyone who wants to try stuff, get in contact with me and if you’re passing through my area, I say take full advantage of my generosity here and prepare to wear your arm out trying stuff. Or, if I’m in your area on certain trips, I’m lugging the collection with me these days, so let’s met up and I’ll blow your mind with the size of the collection, but let you try anything you want!

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I suddenly want to meet you…

He will be at the nationals.

Now I miss it… :’(