Is This a Good Deal?

Your opinion is highly valued!! It’s not worthless at all!!!

If I were you just don’t trade you don’t know the condition of a Yoyo if they say just a few dings that’s a opinion to someone else that could be a whole lot of dings and scratches to the who traded with the dude you just don’t know


I didn’t want to gobble up a bunch more thread space by “quoting” your response to my question, I just want to thank you for your very comprehensive explanation. It’s very gracious and generous of you to be so willing to hand off valuable throws to someone of unknown skill. You are very good for the community. Thanks so much for taking the time to show me how one can grant opportunities to others so they might try out a high-dollar throw before making the commitment.

Anyone want to try my Bape2. Well you can’t! You might ding it!

You see how quickly I forget my lessons learned.