Help me with this.

I have a FG Clyw Wool Marmot 2 Electric Bacon.

And I need some funds and put it up for sale. I was asking 80 $ and some trades. And I didn’t got any offers.

Now I got a trade offer. General yo essence and alpha crash both.

My question is if I don’t like essence how much does it value in bst? It’s b grade but vibe free. A Mint

And how much did essence retailed both a and b grade.

And is this a good deal?

My key board is not working correctly so never mind if some sentence don’t make sense or ask me.

I’d do that trade in a heartbeat.

The Essence I’d say is worth around $60 in the B/S/T because It’s a b-grade. The Marmot is honestly probably worth around that also though, so It’s a trade I’d take if i were you.

What are you looking to gain from the trade? Do you want a yoyo that you wish to play, or a yoyo you wish to put in a display case? Maybe think about lowering your price, you may get better offers…

Thanks guys. I think if shipping works out I’ll do this trade.

Be very careful if you’re trading internationally MP. You only have one feedback, so a trader will likely require you to ship first. Make sure you are trading with someone who is extremely reliable. And, preferably, someone who is willing to pay for full tracking to India. Also, be aware that if you don’t pay for full tracking from India, you could end up with a very unhappy customer. Remember to factor in those things. Good luck with the trade.

If you’re letting that FG go for $80 plus trades, and someone offered you $80 plus an Essence and Alpha Crash, that’s a great deal. That’s at least $150 worth of stuff (cash and yo-yos), for your $85 yo-yo. They seem to want that yo-yo pretty bad. It seems so lopsided though, that it raises a red flag for me. It could be a really good deal, or one too good to be true. Just be careful.

I would personally pass on the trade offer but it’s just my opinion. General-yo tends to be a niche market and clyw is a lot more popular in general. Both are Bgrades and although his is mint I would stick with yours. The alpha crash doesn’t add that much to the trade in value. I’d say there’s a $20 different between the 2. The alpha crash maybe makes up for $5 of that difference. It’s all up to you though.

The interesting thing is that he’s looking for $80 cash plus trades. If he wanted $80 or trades, it would be a relatively even deal. If no cash is involved, Sparhawk is right, the deal is not in your favor. But, it depends on how badly you want an Essence. If it’s your dream yo-yo, it may have more value to you. :-\

Oh oh that’s why I said my keyboard is not working.

I meant that my wants where either 80 $ or trades.

General update I got another offer another person is buying it for 75 $ so I’ll be doing that one. Thanks for suggestions.